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Oh yeah I know this is a ridiculously big wish list but I was browsing away and I like the look of all of these fab products. I am selling lots of bits on eBay and in my blog sale as I would like to start a proper makeup collection (I have been totally inspired by the girls I have met this week!) So here goes, each of the items from left to right. as always let me know what things have caught your eye from my list (all product details after the jump!)

1. Clarins Eyeshadow Quad £31: I am never usually a fan of smaller palettes or limited edition products but I like the look of all 4 of these eyeshadows. I would imagine you could get away with having just these four colours on holiday too which is a big plus point for me!

2. NARS Velvet Matt Lip Pencil in Bolero £17.50:  This colour looks so beautiful, I think it might be a ‘your lips but better’ sort of shade, I don’t own any NARS lip products so I would love to try this one out.

3. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara £16: I haven’t tried a Clinique mascara in a long time as I never really got on with them, this one looks pretty good though I love the curved brush which looks like it will be great at coating those little corner lashes.

4. Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturising Foundation £30: I have been suffering with quite dry skin and saw this foundation and thought it would be perfect for me. I like the idea of a luminous finish too which I think would look more natural than my usual matt shades.

5. Dior Gel Coat £18: A bit pricey but I am forever chipping my nails and as I get bored easily I thought a gel top coat would be a great way of being able to merge a gel finish with any of my nail polishes.
6. Terracotta Skin Glow Foundation £34: This foundation has a burst of teracotta pigments infused in it to give you a ‘just come back from holiday’ look. I love products like this that just give you a little glow!
7. Estee Lauder Turbolash All Effects Motion Mascara £30: This features a vibrating brush for separation  length and volume. I can usually tell by a brush how a mascara will fare and this looks AMAZING!
8. Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder £10.50: I have seen this on quite a few blogs and the beautiful Kim K and I really want to give it a try, anything that can help disguise my bags will be perfect for me!
9. Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Flash £14: I like this green/gold shade for adding a little sparkle to my holiday day and evening looks, the waterproof feature is great too!
10. Lancaster Legendary Tan Sensual Oil £30: I spotted this on the Selfridges website and it seems like it would be perfect for using after being by the beach/pool. With a subtle scent it also prolongs your tan with a sheer glow finish, I like using oils more than creams as they seem to settle into my skin better.
11. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation £30.50: a total cult item, I swatched this in Selfridges and loved the finish, it will be perfect for this between seasons weather we are having! The shade selection is great too.
12. MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum £14: Another cult product I don’t often like pinks but this shade looks like it would be fab with a tan! I am thinking about picking up 2 and having one as a giveaway prize?
13. Stila Convertible Lip and Cheek Colour in Gerbera £16: Another one I swatched in Selfridges and I really liked the colour, in fact after washing my hands numerous times over the day I could still see a stain from where I swatched it! I like a product with excellent staying power like this.
14. Illamasqua Blush up Brush £28.50: A contouring blusher brush, I saw this being used and loved the way it sculpts the face, it really is an idiot proof cheek colour applicator, perfect for me!
15. Aerin Bronzer Illuminating Powder £34: The description says it calms the skin for an illuminated finish, I like the sound of this as I find when I have a bit of a sunburn bronzers just make it look worse!
16. Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgene £17: The absolute perfect coral, it can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes and I can’t tell you how much I love this, when I swatched it I actually cooed!
17. Stila Custom Colour Blush in Coral £13: I had the pink version but it didn’t really suit me, the coral version looks like it could be gorgeous on!
18. Origins Modern Friction for the body £29: I use the face version of this and never knew there was a body one, it is such an amazing exfoliator I think it will be perfect for the run up to my holiday!
19. Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun in Spicy Coral £28.50: This colour was designed for brunettes and gives a natural sun glow, it is also designed for all skintones so it will be great for adding some warmth to my pale skin and to enhance my skin when I am tanned.
What do you think of my list?
What products are on your wishlist for S/S?
Let me know!

8 responses to “S/S Wishlist”

  1. I would happily accept any of these items as gifts ;D
    In particular, Candy Yum Yum looks lovely for Spring & I’ve heard so many good things about the Stila Convertible Colours.
    Great wish list!!

    Jesss xo

  2. So much on this post that I would love! I do love the look of the Illmasqua cream Pigment! xx

  3. Ahhh it all looks so beautiful! I’ve been eyeing the Clarins Eyeshadow Quad for so long, it looks gorgeous!

  4. Ahh I would love all that make up! It all looks so amazing 🙂 I also really want to try the NARS Sheer Glow foundation xx


  5. Me too! I just need to pick a shade there’s so many to choose from! Xx

  6. I swatched it instore and it is beautiful! Xx

  7. I swatched it and it was so pretty! Xx

  8. Me toooo, thanks hun! Xx

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