Storage Inspiration #3: My Spring/Summer Nail Polish Collection


Continuing on with my storage mini series I thought I would show you how I store my nail polishes. Now these aren’t all of my polishes, about 2 months ago I decided to sort through my collection and to start my own ‘nail inspiration’ display. As the seasons change I update my acrylic display with more suitable shades to encourage me to try out new colours more regularly. It is quite a simple organisational trick but I find it really helps me to remember what polishes I have and is a nice way of displaying them!

How do you organise your polishes?
Do you like to switch up your makeup for a new season?
Let me know!

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8 responses to “Storage Inspiration #3: My Spring/Summer Nail Polish Collection”

  1. aww thanks hun! I should say I also have a set of huge drawers, 2 storage boxes and a desk covered in products so I am the same! This one was about £6 for ebay, I just typed in acrylic nail polish display and picked the cheapest one lol xx

  2. aww thank you hun! I love having them all to hand like this, makes changing my nail colour a bit more fun! xx

  3. Hi hun, I got this one from ebay, I think I paid £6 for it plus postage, just type in ‘acrylic nail polish display’ and you should get a few options! xx

  4. thank you hun! It is the only neat and tidy part of my makeup storage apart from my brushes! xx

  5. Where did you get your acrylic display? J’adore! & lovely colors, it is so spring! xx

  6. this looks like the prettiest nail display ever!

    I also have a few of these acrylic storages’ from 5 years ago and they are still in prefect condition!

    hareem x

  7. Makeup storage has never really appealed to me as I just seem to have farr too much and would have to spend a fortune! But this nail varnish stand looks amazing- exactly what I need! Where’s it from please? I lovee it, such a good idea!xx

  8. Your polishes look so pretty and organised! Great idea and lovely colours!
    Gillian from x

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