London Sightseeing: Professor Quantum’s Magnificent Time Tour

I told you earlier in the week that my Dad and I went on a sightseeing tour around London for his birthday. Now we are both Londoners so I wasn’t expecting to learn a lot on the tour, we were more excited about going on a routemaster (they are the old style London buses where you can jump on and off) because we both hate that Ken got rid of them! I have to say though, the tour was fantastic! We had such a good time and actually learnt quite a bit too. So some more information about the Time Tour:
“A fresh and exciting approach to sight-seeing that combines theatre and technical trickery with an insightful look at London’s rich past. Ideal entertainment for all the family and suitable for all ages. The adventure begins on Northumberland Avenue and from there passengers will have front row seats as the Professor talks through favourite tales of London’s history. Past Buckingham Palace, Westminster and across the Thames, from Kings and Queens to The Great Fire, what better way to learn about the capital than from someone who has seen it all? – Professor Quantum’s Magnificent Time Tour – A journey through London, through time!”


So we boarded the bus just off of Trafalgar Square, the location could not be more perfect! You can’t actually miss the bus as it has been given a spooky ghost themed makeover (the company also run a ghost tour!). The staff were really lovely and the Professor was so funny and stayed in character all the way through, even when we hit some diversions and bad traffic which I thought was really good. The kids on the bus absolutely loved it as the whole experience is really interactive, actually I think my Dad might have enjoyed it more than the kids, he got really into it! It takes you past lots of the sights too so it’s a great tour for getting pictures of London. I would definitely recommend it if you haven’t been to London before or just want to learn about the history of the city in a fun way!
The Time Tour runs at weekends, departing outside the Grand Hotel, 8 Northumberland Avenue off Trafalgar Square at 2.45pm. Tickets cost £20 for adults, £16 for concessions, students and children. You can buy tickets here.
What are you favourite things to do in London? 
Would you go on a sightseeing tour?

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