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OCC Lip Tar ‘Trollop’ £11.50


I mentioned yesterday that I picked up one of the OCC lip tars and I thought I would pop up a quick ‘first impressions’ post of it. I chose the shade ‘trollop’ which is a bright coral/peach shade. The Lip Tars come in lots of different shades but there wasn’t a wide selection in Selfridges, I actually wanted this particular shade after seeing it online so that didn’t effect my purchase (luckily!). The tube itself is just 10ml which surprised me for an £11.50 price tag, however you really do need the teeniest amount for a full lip application. I swatched a teeny bit on my hand and then spread this out to give you some idea of how much coverage this has (pics below). 
It feels like a normal lipstick on application, you can use the little brush that comes with it but I chose to use my own lip brush, I found the colour payoff really is exceptional. I have mentioned before that I have quite red lips naturally which means I have to apply a base colour to get anywhere near the shade in the bullet of most lipsticks. With this I got the exact colour of the product after apply a small (think nail bead small) amount to my lip brush. At first I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, sure the colour pay off is good but it seemed to ‘sit’ on my lips and I wasn’t too impressed, after about a minute I noticed it seemed to dry and then set, this is when I realised how good the lip tars are, it just didn’t budge all day! By the end of the day it was less striking but it had left a lovely stain to my lips which looked great when I added some balm over the top. All in all I was really happy with my purchase, I think I will have to invest in a few more of these!
Sorry for the scary ‘sans any other makeup’ picture!!
What do you think of the Lip Tars? 
Have you got a favourite shade I should try out next?
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8 responses to “OCC Lip Tar ‘Trollop’”

  1. Looks so pretty and natural! 🙂


  2. Its a lovely colour, love the shades name haha, xoxo.

  3. This is really pretty – I am really intrigued by the red but it is very dramatic! I really like this one as it’s a strong colour but subtle at the same time! X

  4. Utterly love this, a must on my beauty wish list!

  5. I want all the colours! I am definitely going to pick a few more up next time I am in London! xx

  6. oooh I would love to see a red, I have seen a dark plum one which looks gorgeous! xx

  7. lol I know, typical thats the shade I decide I like! xx

  8. aww thanks hun, the perfect peachy/coral :)) xx

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