Travel Inspiration: Australia Edition

Hi girlies, I spoke to you before about how I wanted to travel more in 2013. I was inspired by my friend Tessa, she went travelling around New Zealand completely on her own and I have to say I don’t think I would have the courage to do that! One little fact about me that you don’t know is that I studied tourism management for my degree. I am really interested in other cultures and countries, specifically America and Australia! When I was studying we did a module that covered marketing for tourist boards and were shown the Australia marketing video, I have to say I was totally sold after watching it and have wanted to visit ever since! I have a really busy year ahead of me, we are moving house and I will be completing some courses too and I hope to expand my blog and I have some exciting plans for my online shop! All of these things are going to cost me a fair bit of money as you can imagine, but I still want to be able to afford to travel and get inspiration for my new business venture (more on that very soon!).
I was really interested in looking at the sort of accomodation available in Australia as I really didn’t know what to expect price wise. I do know that I am not the sort of person who enjoys hostals, I have done the whole backpacking through Europe thing and I am definitely a fan of comfy beds and pretty hotels! That being said I really don’t like the idea of spending lots of money on a hotel. Having worked in tourism, and having completed a tourism degree I like to think I know a fair bit about quality, and I have to say it doesn’t always work out that you get what you pay for. Case in point the Accor hotel chain who offer gorgeous accomodation for really affordable prices! I actually use them a lot in the UK for business travel and have always found the hotels to be really clean, perfectly located and with lovely staff! To be honest those are my only requirements when booking a hotel (that and a super comfy mattress!)
So far I have fallen in love with the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins and the Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour! I think in some ways I am a bit ‘different’ to the average traveller. I really like chain hotels, I like to have that feeling of being safe and looked after, I also love hotels that you can lose yourself in but most importantly I love hotels bang in the centre of everything! The Accor group are pretty good at this, all the hotels I use from the group in London are just perfect for tourists and business people, they are always so well located! As for my travel plans, well at the moment they are tentative so I would love your Australia recommendations and if you’ve posted about your travels then make sure you leave me your links too! I think I am will be aiming to do a bit of a multi centre trip so as to explore as much as possible too so if you have hidden gem reccomendations or must see’s then let me know! I am still in the planning stage so I would love to get as much information as possible!
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  1. I backpacked Australia on a working holiday visa many years ago and I will never forget that trip, best year ever. It’s an amazing country.

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