Primark Haul: S/S13 Jewellery!

I went a bit mad in Primark this week! In my defence I only spent around £20 which is what a few bits of jewellery cost in Topshop nowadays but I got LOADS of great S/S jewellery! They are still having a sale too so you can pick up lots of bargains, I got the gold necklace and the tangerine necklace for just £2 each!! I also stocked up on socks (boring but useful if your crazy enough to be paying Topshop prices for pretty socks when Primark are selling them for a few pounds now) and I got 2 new scarves. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the new Primark in Westwood Cross (Broadstairs), I am so used to the chaos and mayhem of the Marble Arch store that it was like paradise, I was actually able to look at things and take my time without being trodden on or assualted by frantic shoppers! I am really feeling bright fresh colours at the moment, I am adding more and more splashes of colour into my wardrobe and have really enjoyed using jewellery as a way of incorporating scarier shades! I always revert to the old gold and turqoise come summer but I have never worn tangerine before, this necklace just looked so gorgeous I had to pick it up! I also grabbed some of the face wipes because I have heard good things about them and so far so good, don’t know if a post on them would be of interest?
Let me know how you add colour into your S/S wardrobe and what bits you’ve been eyeing up recently too!

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  1. I tend to only go into Primark if I’ve seen something I want from someone else’s haul- so I absolutely love these hauls! The ring with the three circles is absolutely beautiful, I need it in my life!xx

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