Bourjois fan-tastic volume mascara

You might have seen the bourjois fan-tastic volume mascara on sale in your local Boots or Superdrug. I have to admit I was totally drawn to the lovely lilac packaging and unusual shape of this one! I actually picked up this and one of the new Rouge Edition lipsticks which I will review for you later in the week, if you are looking to pick up some makeup bits then Boots currently have the whole Bourjois range on offer for buy one get one half price! So onto the bourjois fan-tastic volume mascara review:


This mascara is quite unusual, it has a curved brush which acts both as a normal mascara wand and a comb, it means each lash gets a good even coating of mascara. I enjoyed using it because personally I like to run my mascara comb through my lashes after applying a mascara anyway, I really love that even, fanned out look! I haven’t ever bought a mascara that has a comb applicator before but I really enjoyed using this one. I was worried it might look a bit rubbish after a second coat but it looked really nice and gave my lashes volume and length. I think its because the bristles on the actual wand are in rows of three, it really helped to get that nice bit of volume from the roots (can you say roots about your eyelashes? I mean the very beginning of the lashes!) I’m not totally sure if I would re-purchase this one, I think it is a good quality mascara and I am enjoying using it but I don’t think it has a ‘wow’ factor for me personally. If you like your lashes to be separated and defined then I would definitely recommend giving this one a try though!
What do you think of the new bourjois fan-tastic volume mascara? 
Have you been eyeing up the new Roude Edition lippies too? 
I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year, so many new products but that means so little spare money, oh the life of a beauty blogger eh? 

3 responses to “Bourjois fan-tastic volume mascara”

  1. I saw this in Boots and I was so tempted! I’ve never tried ANYTHING from Bourjois before so I resisted! x

  2. I looked at this today in Boots & thought the tube looked so unusual & didn’t pick it up, but looking at your lashes after 2 coats of this mascara I think I should have bought it. It really separates and lengthens your lashes. It looks great

  3. This looks like a mascara that I would actually enjoy 🙂 I like the Liner Effect Mascara from Bourjois 🙂

    Following your blog from bbloggers chat 🙂

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