Sleek Truly Mattely Deeply: Jazz



Sleek Truly Mattely Deeply Lipgloss in Jazz £4.99
I am always on the look out for a good red lip colour. I have tried the famous MAC ruby woo but found it wasn’t very flattering against my pale skintone and other brands haven’t quite fitted the bill either. Recently I picked up the limited edition ‘Truly Mattely Deeply’ matt lipgloss from Sleek. I actually reviewed it in the pink shade and thought the red looked like it could be perfect for me! I would definitely say this is a lot more wearable than the pink version, for a start it is more forgiving on any dry patches! The colour also goes on much more smoothly and it provides a fully opaque matt finish which doesn’t feel heavy or ‘caked’ on. It does dry very quickly so it can take a bit of time getting used too it but I love the shade, it is the perfect orange red and just brightens my whole complexion. It has a real glam feel to it and I am still waiting to be brave enough to wear it out, I think it will look fab with a  geometric print midi dress! I think you can still pick these up on the Sleek counter in your local Superdrug as they are now no longer on the Sleek website which is a shame as I loved these lipglosses, if you know of any other brands that have similar lip products let me know!
What do you think of this bold red lip look?
Do you have any red lipstick recommendations for me?
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11 responses to “Sleek Truly Mattely Deeply: Jazz”

  1. Sadia Usman says:


  2. Harriet Crook says:

    I looooove this! And so affordable! My fave red lip colour is Ruby Woo by Mac! Try it 🙂

  3. I love it, very cool. Perfect idea pairing it with a geometric print 🙂 I think that’ll offset it beautifully! x

  4. Mez Patel says:

    I am very intrigued by this whole ‘matte gloss’ concept. Looks like a gorgeous colour!

  5. I was THIS close to buying it until you said “limited edition”! Gah :’) x

  6. That is a truly beautiful red x

  7. aww sorry hun! if they have it in my superdrug still I might buy one and do a giveaway! xx

  8. it’s lovely isnt it? My favourite red lipcolour 🙂 xx

  9. Thanks hun! Ruby Woo doesn’t suit me :(((( xx

  10. I was too, seems like a weird name right? xx

  11. thanks hun! I love a bright lip with a black and white print! xx

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