My review of the L’oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara as modelled by Cheryl Cole!!

Hi girlies!!
Everyone has seen the new Cheryl Cole adverts for L’oreal where she boasts about the new false lash telescopic mascara. She promises that you can throw out your false lashes because this mascara is just so damn good!! Well big claims like that have to be investigated and so I popped down to Boots (where incidently they had £3 off the usual price) and grabbed one to try! Here is my review:
Rating: 5/5
Ease of application: 5/5
Price: £10.99 (boots are no longer offering the £3 off deal but have a buy one get one half price offer)
Website Link: Boots link here
Now I am very fussy about mascaras and it takes a lot to impress me. But boy did this meet my expectations, or I should say it far exceeded them!! I was shocked at how well it lives up to the hype. 
I applied the mascara and found it gave a high pigment coverage at the lash line giving the effect of thicker ‘false’ lashes. The mascara was strongly pigmented but didn’t have that ‘wet’ consistency that can make it tricky to apply lengthening mascaras. I was especially impressed with how well it fanned out the lashes giving me a wide eyed look and making the lashes look truly fake but in a good way!!
Here are some pictures of before and after application for you to see for yourself!!
What do you think? I am really happy with this mascara and I would definitely use it in place of falsies, I think it opened by eyes and they even seem bluer to me. My mum actually commented saying I looked younger and fresher with this mascara on so that’s good enough for me!!
Have you tried it out? Have I convinced you or does it look a bit crap to you?
Let me know!!

8 responses to “My review of the L’oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara as modelled by Cheryl Cole!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You have beautiful natural lashes and nice big eyes,after pics you look great!:) agree that mascara done its job! Try double exstention from L’Oreal,I think you will love it.:)x

  2. Carlottasbeautyspot says:

    Ahhh that sucks, wonder why it works for some but not others? Have you tried the maybelline flared mascara? I’ll be posting pics tomorrow but I really like it for curling and being good for building layers with xx

  3. Lauragray89 says:

    I will not use anything by L’Oreal any more because they test their ingredients on animals!!

  4. Kittymoon says:

    For me it was exactly like for Aliss, same effect on my lashes. It didn’t hold the curl for more than one hour and it made the second coat terribly clumpy and every try to “repair” made it worse so I just had to remove it (together with my nice eye make up!) and start new with another mascara 🙁

  5. Carlottasbeautyspot says:

    I totally felt the same about her! It put me off the lipstick actually, and I only put her name on the post so ppl knew which mascara I was on about…something very annoying about her!! xx

  6. Carlottasbeautyspot says:

    hmm this is a tricky one, how far do you go? so many companies are now involved in unethical dealings…it is a slippery slope! xx

  7. Carlottasbeautyspot says:

    oooh that sounds bad! Maybe facebook the l’oreal people and mention this- if it is just a bad one you got they may let you exchange it for another one? I haven’t heard of it clumping, I would guess it was a bad batch…such a shame as I found it really good!! xx

  8. Aliss says:

    I bought it 2 weeks ago and i wasn’t happy at all with this mascara :/ Did horrible clumps on my lashes and sticked them together. I don’t know why, cause most of mascaras with this type of brush really works for me, but this one- not at all. And I couldn’t apply more than 2 coats cause it made one big mess on my lashes .. On your lashes it looks really nice! 🙂

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