Breast Cancer Awareness: Update on my experience…

I wrote a little while ago about finding a lump. I had at that point only been referred for a consultation at which I was given an exam and the doctor confirmed there was indeed something there. I was then referred for an ultrasound scan. This scan is just like what a woman has when she is pregnant. I was covered in the gel and the doctor went over both breasts checking for anything that was abnormal. There was another doctor in the room (a young guy actually, because seriously it would be my luck I would need to strip off in front of a young male doctor) and the doctor treating me turned to him to ask him if he could now see the difference between normal breast tissue and a cancerous breast…well at this point I almost passed out thinking she meant I had the dreaded ‘c’ word. As it turns out the lady who I had been in the waiting room with had come out (I never saw her come out I was in a bit of a panic!!) and was very upset. I assumed her news wasn’t like mine. The doctor confirmed she could see some difference in the tissue where the pain is but that there was no lump or tumour there.
I have to say even though it was sooooo embarrassing they couldn’t have been more professional and efficient. I am so relieved everything seems to be OK. I have one more consultation to talk through the results and obviously to figure out why I have been experiencing pain but just knowing it isn’t cancer has taken a huge weight off my shoulders!
Please don’t hesitate to seek advice from your doctor if you find anything that your worried about or your in pain, they really have seen and heard everything and won’t even remember your case by the end of the day (no they won’t be sitting judging you or talking about you!!). Also it is so important to find the right doctor, my doctor is absolutely amazing and if you don’t feel completely confident in your doctors abilities and opinions then ask to see another one (and another one and another one…) until you find the right one. It is out privilege in the U.K to be able to have access to the NHS so make the most of it!
Thank you to all of you that sent me emails and messages to wish me well and I hope this raises some awareness in keeping everything in check no matter what your age. Cancer doesn’t care how old you are so it is your job to keep a check of yourself and do regular breast exams. ( this is what you should be doing)
Let me know what you think of this post!!

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  1. vikki measures says:

    I’m so glad everything is okay for you 🙂 xxx

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