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I recently decided that it was time to start incorporating some self care into my everyday life and so when Clarins very kindly invited me to try out one of their SkinSpa treatments I was over the moon. The Clarins SkinSpa offers express treatments, giving you a full spa experience when you are short on time. My local Clarins SkinSpa is in the Canterbury Fenwick store, it’s something I’ve passed by a million times and never paid much notice too and in all honesty I was expecting the treatment to be done just to the side of the desk, in full view of the shop floor, how wrong I was.

clarins skinspa

I was greeted by Olivia, who took me inside the treatment area and I was blown away, there was a full waiting room area and I was given a little welcome tray and asked to fill out some details whilst Olivia explained through the treatment I was having. I went for an Energizing Back, Neck and Scalp massage as I have been feeling quite tense recently.  I was taken through to a private room with low lighting and calming music playing, there was a little dressing area and private shower in the room too which really added to the spa experience.
The treatment lasted 45 minutes and I had a full back exfoliation and deep tissue massage before Olivia applied a dry tonic to the hair and gave me a head massage.

I was able to keep my leggings on during the treatment and the products used were so light and hydrating I found I was able to get dressed and style my hair without any issues (if you’ve had a head massage before you will know how greasy they can make your hair look!) Olivia was so sweet and considerate, adjusting the pressure and focusing on my problem areas, my back and skin felt incredible. I really felt like I floated out of the store, actually truth be told I left half my jewellery behind and had to hotfoot it back not 20 minutes later so I practically did!


clarins skinspa

I have decided to try and have a treatment every 4 weeks or so, working from home I often forget to take care of myself and have ‘time off’. The crazy thing is the treatment I had costs just £35, which is a meal out/takeaway/primark splurge, when you consider how often we do those things it seems like a no brainer right?

You can find out all about the Clarins SkinSpa’s here and your nearest store here.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried a Clarins SkinSpa before or if you practice self care (or if like me you neglect yourself too often!)

11 responses to “Clarins SkinSpa”

  1. georgina says:

    I definitely need to make more time for stuff like this

  2. Kacie says:

    I’d love to visit a Clarins Skin Spa, I love their products!

  3. Sounds amazing, I never knew Clarins did spa treatments like this x

  4. I did not know clarins offered such a service I will have to check it out. It sounds great.

  5. jojo140883 says:

    How funny that you forgot your jewellery. I recently had a Clarins facial at a spa and it was lovely x

  6. Now this spa sounds like just what I need. Will look out for it.

  7. This sounds so good – I really need a spa treatment! I like that it didn’t result in super-greasiness as well – I had one a while back and couldn’t wash it out of my hair in their shower!

  8. I’ve never been to a Clarins Spa but I definitely need to book myself a treatment or two at my local one x

  9. I have never been before but I would love to go as a treat. X

  10. I love Clarins products and have quite a few of their cleansers and exfoliators. I need to use them a bit more than what I do!

  11. Lyndsey says:

    Ohhh I love Clarins its the first skincare I was introduced to by my mum and I just love it. Need a spa day soon!
    L x

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