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Hi everyone! Today I am back with a brand new launch, the L’oreal Fatale Mascara. A new addition to the VML family, this new mascara is touted to have multi layer bristles to coat your lashes plus a rich black pigment for a glossy ‘femme fatale’ finish to your look.

In comparison to the other Volume Million Lashes Mascara’s this one has a completely different design. In general the VML brushes have long plastic bristles, but this one has much shorter bristles in groups of two throughout the brush. It gives it a chunkier feel and that does mean you have to be a bit more careful on application to avoid smudging, but is also means the bristles cling to the lashes, separating and coating each one with a gorgeous glossy black pigment. L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale MascaraI found that it gave me the most length I have ever experienced from a mascara, my lashes hit my eyebrows and truly looked like fake lashes! Volume wise, it was very good. It gave dramatic (almost clumpy with two coats) volume, especially at the lash line, that worked very well with the length.

One coat (shown below) was more than enough for a daytime look, and two (shown below) gave very intense volume. As the product was quite dry I think any more than two would cause the lashes to stick together and look too clumpy.

PicMonkey CollageL'oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale MascaraThe other big selling points for me were:

drying time: the product dried almost instantly and stayed smudge free all day even during our big humid heatwave here in the U.K.

hold: my lashes were lifted and curled with crazy length and volume and this lasted all day, they didn’t droop at all which is seriously impressive!

removal: I did find I had to massage the eye makeup remover balm in a teensy bit more but I expect this is due to the drier nature of the product, it was still easy to remove.

In terms of new mascara launches this has to be one of the best I have seen in quite a while. The results are very similar to the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara for a fraction of the price. I would also say it’s a lot less clumpy and keeps the curl for a lot longer.

I am seriously impressed by this mascara, L’oreal mascaras can be a bit hit or miss for me but this one is exceptional and I am reaching for it nearly every day now!

The L’oreal Fatale Mascara costs £9.99 and is available exclusively at Boots here.


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  1. summer says:

    This looks like it does a wonderful job on your lashes!

  2. Your lashes look amazing in these photos! Beautiful eye colour too <3

    Abigail Alice x

  3. Your lashes look seriously glossy here! I’m sold! xx


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