How To Host A Family Movie Night!

How To Host A Family Movie Night!

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Is it just me or has it started getting really dark, really early? It definitely feels like we have suddenly leaped into Autumn! I actually love this time of year and one of the main reasons is that you can snuggle up on the sofa having movie nights and not feel guilty for not spending time outside in the sunshine! I thought it would be fun to put together a post on how to host a family movie night as we have a LOT of family movie nights in our house and I think we have things pretty much down pat! So here are my top tips for the perfect family night in:

Plan out your films. It’s a good idea to have say 5 different films that cover different genres like Comedy, Action and Thriller. We tend to stay away from horrors as I have a bit of a wimp for a cousin and she hates them, it’s never a good idea to pick anything you know someone hates! I pick up DVD’s from Amazon as they usually only cost a few pounds for older films and it means we have built up quite a nice collection of them! Once we have decided on 5 different films we do a pot luck for the ‘winner’. I won’t lie it has stopped many arguments from starting but making it a family decision rather than one persons choice is always best.

Invest in a good at home cinema experience. This sounds a bit weird but when we moved we made sure we saved a bit of money for a really good T.V. We went for a 4k T.V as we spend a lot of time watching movies in our house and it’s something that brings us all together, so it made sense to invest in something special. It means we can watch netflix and amazon tv with a click of a button (great if we can’t find a dvd we like) and we can have that 4k quality cinema experience which is awesome!

Don’t bother cooking dinner. Lets be honest everyone indulges on movie night and it’s meant to be a relaxed night in, so we order in a pizza and have lots of nibbles like the little tubs of mini chocolate rolls from M&S and most importantly popcorn! I make sure there are lots of drinks for everyone too, if I am feeling fancy I’ll put together a fruity mocktail. I picked up these cute as anything little popcorn tubs from Amazon for just over £1 and I think they add such a nice touch for making the evening feel more like you’ve gone to see a movie at the cinema!

Split the evening up. If we know we are going to be watching saying 3 films we won’t just sit and watch them back to back as that can feel more like a endurance test then a fun night in! We like to take time out between each film and do stuff like play a board game (Cluedo is a big favourite in our house!) it’s a really fun way to break up the films and then whoever wins can go on to pick out from the 5 what you watch next!

Enjoy it! It’s such a rare treat to have all your family together and those nights are definitely some of my favourites, so gather everyone up and have a fab night in with the people you love!

What tips do you have for hosting a family movie night?

*This post was created by me in collaboration with Panasonic.



  1. 21/09/2015 / 5:54 pm

    This is a really good idea! It’ll sure stop a fair few fights in my house. <3

    • charlotte
      02/12/2015 / 4:20 pm

      your house sounds like mine lol xx

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