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This is probably one of my most random posts but sensitive skin is the bane of my existence! I have always had quite sensitive skin but by legs in particular really suffer, especially when shaving! I don’t like to wax (my legs are so sensitive if I shave they bleed!) and hair removal creams usually bring them out in a rash so razors are really my only option. For many many years every time I shaved my legs they came out in a nasty red ‘razor burn’ shaving rash, I tried lots of different razors and shaving creams and I finally came up with a shaving for sensitive skin routine that leaves me with super soft smooth pins…

1. Prep / This is really important if you have sensitive skin and I would definitely not recommend going straight in to shaving your legs without soaking them in a nice warm bath first. I like to add in a bath oil or a moisturising bath soak as I find it gets my legs nice and soft and ready for shaving! Once my legs are nice and soft I like to use a smoothing scrub to exfoliate them and make sure there are no ingrown hairs before shaving, I like to use a salt scrub as they have oils mixed in and leave my legs soft without being too harsh on my skin.

2. Prime / This is probably my number 1 tip because, well…shaving creams are pants! I use a body oil and it makes a massive difference, they are super cheap (cheaper than shaving foams actually!) and my favourite is the Superdrug Vitamin E oil, I take a small amount and smooth it all over my legs, it provides a really good base for a close shave and moisturises them all at once. It is also really important to make sure you use a brand new razor, preferably one with 3 blades as it just means you have to go over the area less (I find if I shave an area of my legs twice it definitely causes razor burn!) New razors obviously have sharper blades too which makes the whole shaving job a lot quicker, if you are on a budget I would definitely recommend mens razors too, they are usually cheaper, have more blades and work just as well (if not better)!

3. Finish / Once I have shaved I usually rinse my legs off with some cold water and then go straight in with a body oil (the same one I use to shave) this just seals in the moisture and definitely prevents any bumps or razor burn, if they feel particularly dry or sensitive I use bio oil which is amazing for dry skin too. You should always use non perfumed products, if you have ever put a perfumed body butter or lotion onto just shaved skin you will know the pain and it also causes red blotchy skin!

One extra tip which might be a bit TMI is to let the hair grow a bit before shaving, not always an option in summer but then going out with a red rash all over your legs isn’t really either! When you shave over shorter hair it can really irritate the skin and letting the hair grow a bit longer definitely stops my legs coming out in a rash.

links: vitamin e oil / 3 blade razors / my favourite salt scrub

I really hope that this shaving for sensitive skin guide was helpful and would love to know if you have any tips for sensitive skin too!

7 responses to “Shaving for Sensitive Skin”

  1. alexandra - Glam O'Clock says:

    I have such a sensitive skin that I tend to avoid shaving as much as I can (I usually epilate or wax instead) but sometimes, I just have to shave because I am in a rush and your tips are great ones! I think applying oils before and after shaving is a real must to avoid the shave burn! x


    • charlotte says:

      so please you found them helpful! oh I know how you feel, waxing actually makes my legs bleed though 🙁 oils are a must aren’t they?! xxx

  2. Katy says:

    I use the exact same method, I have really sensitive skin and this is the only thing that works! In-shower moisturiser is really good instead of shaving foam too! x

  3. Ella says:

    These are some super helpful tips. I have sensitive skin and should definitely pay more attention to prepping before shaving. I just tend to forget 🙂


  4. Emma says:

    These are some really good tips, the warmer weather means I’ll now need to take better care of my legs. Will definitely be following the above steps!

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