Gosh Double Precision Mascara Review and Pictures

Gosh Double Precision Mascara Review and Pictures

Another day another mascara review! This one isn’t technically new as I have been using it for at least 3 months, however it is 100% in my top 5 mascaras of all time (big claims right there!) It is a double ended mascara which has one end for your top lashes and another for the bottom. Usually gimmicky things like this (big eyes I am looking at you!) don’t work too well but this one is really beautiful!

(left showing just the bottom lashes coated, right showing both top and bottom)

The lower lash wand is fantastic if you just like a bit of definition with zero clumps, it is a long straight wand with small bristles and it quite a dry consistency which just makes it a dream to apply. It gave my lower lashes a bit of a boost but it didn’t make them spiky or too long (I have quite long lashes and the lower ones can get a bit ridiculous!) The dry formula also stops it from smudging at all, it’s probably the best lower lash mascara I have ever tried!

The top lash wand is a fuller natural bristle wand which is sort of tree shaped (does that make sense?! it reminds me of a tree anyway!) the bristles are long and evenly spaced and again the product is quite dry which I much prefer. It defines my lashes so well and gives a full and natural looking finish after one coat. Two coats take it to another level, it just makes them full of volume and really defined which I LOVE, it is one of those mascaras that works beautifully alone and works equally as well paired with another (I like to use this over any mascara I feel doesn’t quite give me the ‘ooomf’ I want from my lashes!)

I seriously can’t recommend this one enough and it is my go-to day time mascara!

Would a ‘my top 5 mascaras’ post be of interest? Let me know!

The Gosh Double Precision Mascara costs £7.99 and is available here

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