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nic's picks real techniques brushes review and swatchesIMG_0961One of my favourite Christmas gift ideas is always a set of really nice makeup brushes, I think it’s one of those things we don’t always want to get for ourselves (it seems a bit decadent doesn’t it? spending lots of £ on brushes!) but as a gift it’s such a lovely luxury! I have been trialling the new Real Techniques Nic’s Picks set for around a month now and have to say I think this set it their best yet! I was not a fan of the duo-fibre range they brought out- it was scratchy and just didn’t deliver for me (I know lots of people did like them though- but they definitely weren’t for me!) and so I didn’t have very high hopes for this set…

Real Techniques Nic's PicksIt is the Real Techniques Nic’s Picks collection as Nic Chapman has now come on board and these are her favourite brushes, there are a few exclusive to the set brushes too and they are all in a black and silvr finish which I think looks really smart! So what do you get?

1. The Duo Fibre Powder Brush: much softer than the duo-fibre brushes int he last set, I like to use this when applying anything thats very pigments like a stronger blusher or bronzer just to diffuse it and make it look more natural, it’s also lovely with a setting powder.

The Cheek Brush (exclusive) like a fatter version of the Expert Face brush, the bristles are slightly more spaced out and feel nice and soft, it applies bronzer and blushers really well and is definitely my favourite of the bunch (it reminds me a lot of the MAC 128 blusher brush but it’s slightly bigger which I prefer!)

The Angled Shadow Brush (exclusive) this is my go to brush for blending out a smokey eye, it just gives a really beautiful finish to the eye- I have also been using it when I want a soft day look and it blends on sheer shades really well.

The Base Shadow Brush I like to use this for applying under eye concealer but it’s also great for packing on colour pigments, the bristles are densely packed but super soft, a great all rounder eyeshadow brush.

Eyeliner Brush (exclusive) a really precise eyeliner brush which I also use for my brows (especially when I want really good definition at the ends) it’s not too soft so it creates a really precise line but it’s still gentle enough for the eye area, it makes it look like I am far more skilled at applying eyeliner than I am!Real Techniques Nic's Picks

Real Techniques Nic’s Picks availability

Look Fantastic currently have the set for just £25.49 which is fantastic value (and a lot less than I paid for just one MAC 128 brush) all 5 of the brushes are a good investment and have firmly secured their place in my everyday brush pot! If your looking for a last minute gift (and can’t wait for shipping) then Boots and Superdrug stock the set for £29.99!

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