This Week I’m Eating @ The Shakespeare

The Shakespeare is a new(ish) pub/restaurant in the centre of Canterbury which has become one of my favourite places to stop for a quick bite to eat! They do the most gorgeous cheeseburgers and chips which I would eat everyday if I could but, as it happens I wasn’t hungry enough for one of those this week so I opted for the Welsh Rarebit and my friend got the ‘Posh Fish & Chips’ which looked amazing. The Shakespeare’s spin on the classic cheese on toast included braised leeks and bacon mixed with a generous splash of lea and perrins. It was truly the most decadent thing I’ve ever eaten and I enjoyed every mouthfull!
I can’t recommend the Shakespeare enough, it has a really nice welcoming atmosphere and is somewhere I can imagine myself blogging on a rainy afternoon (with that cheeseburger for company of course!)  It’s down one of the beautiful cobbled side streets in Canterbury too which just adds to the charm of it, inside there are lots of cosy little corners (I already have a Sheldon ‘spot’) and on top of all that, the staff are so lovely in there! If your ever in Canterbury I would highly recommend a lunch pit-stop there!

2 responses to “This Week I’m Eating @ The Shakespeare”

  1. BerryBloomXO says:

    It looks so yummy! Need to go to Canterbury! haha!


  2. everinmay says:

    it’s totally worth the trek here, the chips are just amazing! xx

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