Favourite Blogs Series: The Beauty Edition

Today I wanted to share with you some of the beauty blogs that I am really enjoying atm. I started reading blogs quite a few years ago and at first I read about 2/3 then I branched out and started following so many that I must have been reading hundreds every week! I have since paired down my reading list and wanted to show you the beauty blogs (and bloggers!) that both inspire me and seriously damage my bank balance!

Marvelle: Blog Of Shadows
I absolutely love Marvelle’s blog for eye makeup inspiration and Disney World posts (to my shame I still haven’t been to Florida so I holiday vicariously through her travel posts! ) but more than that she is truly one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met and it comes across in ever post she writes!

Luce: Bonjour Luce
I actually met Luce at the London blogger meetup last year and the first thing I noticed was that she had the most amazing skin I have ever seen, the second thing I noticed was that she was really lovely and so friendly. I started reading her blog after that and just love her style of writing, her beautiful pictures and impeccable taste, I pretty much want to try everything she blogs about!

Lily: etcllymlrs
Ok ok, a pretty obvious choice, but not for the reasons you might expect. My favourite thing about Lily’s beauty blog is that she is really honest about products- she doesn’t love every thing she reviews, she explains why not and often gives recommendations of other products she does enjoy using. I also love her nail posts, she is responsible for the ever growing Barry M nail polish collection I currently have!

Suzie: Hello-October
Suzie’s blog has beena  favourite of mine for agggggges and it’s just started to get the notice it deserves! She reminds me a lot of Vivianna in terms of writing style- by that I mean you read along like your talking with a friend and find yourself jotting down a wishlist as you go! If I could only pick one blog to visit everday it would be this one 🙂

Lucy: Lucy’s Stash
If you want clear, beautiful swatches of pretty much any nail-polish ever released then this is the blog for you! Lucy’s photos are amazing- the swatches are always on point and I head here before ordering any nail colours online as I know I can rely on her for the most in depth reviews. If your’e a nail person- this is a must read!

Milly: Pearls and Poodles
Milly’s blog has always been a firm favourite of mine for lots of different reasons but this is the blog I go to for lip product swatches and great product recommendations. I think she has amazing style and always looks fresh faced even when rocking a bold lip! A truly beautiful blog.

Ree: Really Ree
Ree doesn’t seem to get as much attention as some of the other bigger bloggers but I always head to her blog to see great swatches of new product releases and info on upcoming product releases. She doesn’t over edit her photos either which means you can really see the way a product looks- I hold her responsible for many many purchases I’ve made- especially mascaras!

Adrienne: The Sunday Girl I don’t even think much about the Sunday Girl blog, I simply click on the link every single time I see her post. I love her no nonsense reviews, great swatches and ability to provide a constant stream of ‘new releases’ info. I will admit to writing down the dates for new launches she announces in my diary (oh yes I am that obsessed with beauty products!) A must read for all beauty obsessives.
So there you have it, my absolute favourite beauty blogs, I would love to know what your favourites are too so make sure you leave me some links!
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6 responses to “Favourite Blogs Series: The Beauty Edition”

  1. Beautyqueenuk says:

    Ooh some blogs on your list that I really want to check out x

  2. Maddy Cane says:

    Loads of my favourites in here! I will definitely be checking the others out too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  3. Dannielle says:

    I love some of these already, can’t wait to check out the others now! xx

    D Is For…

  4. everinmay says:

    so glad you liked it! xx

  5. everinmay says:

    I’m so glad, let me know what you think! xx

  6. everinmay says:

    oh good, let me know if you do! xx

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