Our Moment: One Direction Eau De Parfum

One little known fact about me is that my first job was working on the Boots perfume counter in High Street Kensington. I won’t lie to you I absolutely loved this job (and not just for the hot guy that worked with me!) Getting to try on makeup and perfume all day made me pretty happy, I also loved organizing the displays and still find myself tidying up in my local Boots! I worked with this really knowledgeable perfume manager who taught me all about scents and although at the time I thought it was a bit boring (I was just 16!) I still find myself remembering little tricks he taught me even know!
Baring this in mind I was excited to review the new One Direction perfume as I haven’t ever reviewed a new perfume before. I thought I would start by telling you a little bit more about the fragrance:
“The sparkling, juicy and feminine fragrance is made up of splashes of fresh fruit and seasonal flowers infused with undertones of warm musk. The pink grapefruit, wild berries and redcurrants, combined with the delicacy of jasmine petals, and frangipani with the dry woody tones of musk and patchouli leave an enticing and playful scent on the skin”
Top Notes:
Pink Grapefruit
Wild Berries
Fresh Freesia
Jasmine Petals
Creamy Musk
Sheer Woods
White Patchouli
So lets talk about packaging, I was genuinely surprised at how heavy the bottle was, it felt really well made unlike a lot of celebrity fragrances (Jennifer Lopez I am looking at you!) It has a pretty silver crown on the lid which I loved and I think the only thing that spoiled it for me was the little bit of pink mesh material which looks really cheap! I plan on cutting mine out as I really like the bottle and think it looks lovely out on display.
Fragrance wise one of things that I was most impressed with was that the scent was very strong, there wasn’t that overpowering alcoholic scent like with a lot of scents when you first spray them. This smelt fruit and girly the second I put it on (that’ll be the grapefruit and wild berries!) After it settled I personally found it became much more; for want of a better word  sexy. Perfume is very subjective and smells completely different on each person, but for me it left a light gorgeous jasmine scent with just a hint of musk.
I would say this is absolutely perfect for a girls night out or date night and all in all I was really impressed with this perfume. I actually think I would repurchase it even though I wouldn’t class myself as the target demographic for it, that being said I think it would be perfect for teenagers too as the fruity notes would appeal to most young girls. Out of curiosity my Mum also tried this out and thought it was one of her Gucci perfumes, she was shocked when I showed her the bottle!
The “Our Moment” Eau De Parfum by One Direction costs £39 and is available here.
Oh and one of the tips I picked up was to layer scents, I noticed on the Debenhams website they also stock the matching body lotion and body wash, this is a great way to keep the scent strong and long lasting!

7 responses to “Our Moment: One Direction Eau De Parfum”

  1. I do not use perfume, just some fresh colognes but I appreciate the effort on describing it so thoroughly.

  2. Our Moment is the best fragrance I’ve used in quite a while! It’s a bold scent that stays for quite a long time! 10/10 for this!


  3. it’s so pretty and so heavy! feels really expensive! xx

  4. it’s pretty right? xx

  5. oh your welcome hun! 🙂 xx

  6. I reach for it a lot- love the scent! XX

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