Imperial Leather Pampering Shower Cream Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Imperial Leather Pampering Shower Cream* 

I have to say I am really fussy when it comes to shower gels/creams. I hate that the majority of them just sit on the skin and then slide off in the shower without lathering up or really doing anything. I have always stuck by my Korres Jasmine Shower Gel because it covers you in bubbles and it really feels like you’ve had a good wash with it if that makes sense? When Imperial Leather contacted me about working with them on the launch of their best ever shower gels/creams I was sceptical about how well they would live up to the hype. I have to say they totally exceeded my expectations!! I got the ‘Oriental Calm’ (Cherry Blossom and Vanilla Bean) version which lathered up ridiculously well, this is because they have been formulated so they don’t run through your fingers or off of your skin which is really impressive. The scent is lovely, I don’t usually like vanilla but this smells really sensual, it’s the perfect shower cream to use before a night out as the scent lingers on your skin. I would totally buy a body lotion with this smell, it is just lovely!

The full range consists of:

Ocean Fresh: A richer, thicker, creamier burst of Ocean Fresh. With a blend of uplifting ocean minerals, this shower gel promises to energise and prepare you for the day ahead.
Soft Touch: Show your skin some love with the richer, thicker and creamier lather of Soft Touch shower cream. The sumptuous blend of jojoba milk and antioxidant vitamin E leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised.
Japanese Spa: Transforming daily cleansing into an exquisite ritual, Japanese Spa shower cream combines green tea, rice milk and fragrant jasmine leaving skin feeling moisturised and uplifted.
Oriental Calm: A luxurious and indulgent shower cream combining cherry blossom and vanilla bean. Whilst the lather is rich, thick and twice as creamy, the aroma is comforting and promises to relax you.
Citrus Burst: Helping you feel fresh and super clean, Citrus Burst shower gel combines a zingy blend of lime oil and antioxidant kiwi extract.
Did someone say giveaway?!
That’s right the lovely people at Imperial Leather have offered one of my equally lovely followers the chance to win ALL 5 shower gels/creams from the range! As usual the giveaway rules are simple and all you need to do is follow the rafflecopter instructions below. Just a note this is a UK only giveaway (sorry internationals followers, I will have another one for you soon!)

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  1. Can’t wait to try these out, they must smell lovely. 🙂

    K xx

  2. They sound lovely 🙂 xx

  3. I love the japanese spa one and I am dying to try the citrus burst as I hope it might help wake me up in the mornings lol
    Angela x

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  12. I’ve entered, what an amazing prize! I love bubbly bath!

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