Healthy Eating Series?

Ok now I should start this little series by making it clear that I am no expert when it comes to diet and nutrition. Whenever I am feeling a bit heavier (or as Ross in Friends puts it ‘carrying a little holiday weight’) I just do a couple of things to get myself back on track. They are simple, effective and so obvious that if your not already doing them you will find them super easy to add into your weekly life. One great thing about supermarkets nowadays is the huge range of food on offer, when I was younger dieting was ‘cabbage soup’ or salads. Now there is so much choice that there really isn’t an excuse to eat badly. For me I feel the effects of stodgy foods and lots of sweet treats in my skin, my mood and obviously in my clothes size! Here are my top tips to getting back in your skinny jeans or just if your looking to be a bit healthier.

Telling yourself your going to go on a DIET will never work!

You know why? The first thing you want to do when your told you can’t have something is to eat/drink double the amount you usually would! I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times I have told myself ‘no more cake, chocolate or crisps’ all it does is make me daydream of cake, chocolate and crisps! I find the best thing to do is just to make healthier choices. Get the low fat crisps, have a smaller piece of cake with berries or melt a small chocolate bar and dip strawberries in it (seriously this is heaven!)
Stock up.
If you have certain fruit and vegetables that you know you love then stock up on them. The worst thing when your trying to be a bit healthier is to find you have nothing in the house, it really is as simple as replacing heaped platefuls of cheesy pasta with a good portion (about 1/3 of the plate) and then filling the rest of the plate with salad and vegetables.
Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.
Seriously when I was younger healthy food was drab, dull and usually all the same colour! Food is such a visual thing I think it is so important to excite your palette and your eyes with lots of colours and textures. I like to throw courgettes, red onions and peppers into a pan with a little drizzle of olive oil, I then mix it with coloured pasta and some feta cubes, it is so colourful and tasty! I also love to chop up some strawberries and raspberries and then instead of icecream I scoop on some low fat chocolate mousse.
The ‘water’ one.
It is true, drinking more water is the best thing you can do for your body. Another thing is that it fills you up, I like to drink a glass of water before eating, I find it helps me cut down on my portions. I don’t follow these ‘8 glasses a day’ rules because water can be consumed through food and other drinks too. I like to just make sure every other drink I have is water. If your like me and don’t love the taste of water, then do what I do and add a sugar free hi juice to make it taste a bit nicer!
Calorie shockers!
This is one of my top tips, did you know a banana has 121 calories in it? To put that in context walkers salt and vinegar squares have 97 calories per bag! Now obvious fruit is healthier than crisps but it is worth baring this in mind. My dad went through a stage of trying to lose weight and he just couldn’t shift any, it was only when I realised he was snacking on bananas 3 times a day that we realised why! Another calorie packed one is fruit juice, just keep in mind that water has no calories and is really good for you and watch your intake of ‘hidden’ calories like smoothies, juices and fruit!
Make a lifestyle change.
There is no point in cutting out food groups, missing out on nights out or drastically changing your diet. It will leave you miserable, lonely and pretty much a rubbish person to be around! You aren’t realistically going to avoid Starbucks for life, your going to go on dates and you will go to the cinema. It is about making changes to your life that fit around YOU. I don’t avoid anywhere or anyone, I just make sure I know my own mind, I think it is so easy to just go crazy and order the extra large frappe with whipped cream and a chocolate brownie but the point is not doing it every single time you have a coffee out, it isn’t going to kill you to have it every now and then, it also wont kill you to say no once in a while, I think once you get yourself into a routine it will be normal for you to make smaller healthier choices on a day to day basis. Try it today, just order a skinny latte over a normal one, one teeny change and your already on track to a healthier you!
I hope that was sort of helpful and not too preachy? I hate people talking about dieting or healthy eating and coming across really judgemental. I have been everything from a size 6 to a size 18 and I am around a size 12 now although I would like to get down to a 10/12 which is my ‘happy’ size. If these healthy eating posts interest you I was thinking about popping some recipes of yummy food that is quite healthy up on here maybe once a week?
Let me know what you think about healthy eating!

3 responses to “Healthy Eating Series?”

  1. This is a great post full of really helpful information. I am sure lots will benefit from it. I am trying to lose weight and get it, I am trying to work out 4-5 times a week and really watch what I eat, like you said not “diet” but eat healthily.

    Great post! thanks!
    Grace x

  2. THEPULSEOFFASHION Jennaay says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I have just started my first ever diet this week and I feel positive now having read this knowing I’m on the right track! I’ve downloaded an app called ‘my fitness pal’ and although it’s probably not 100% accurate it is a great way to maintain your calorie intake for the day!I think one really good tip as well is not to starve yourself, if you do that your body will hang onto fat more than usual when you consume sugar etc! Also protein before exercise is a great way to boost your metabolism!!!

  3. Hello 🙂 This was a really good blog post! You said not to eat too many bananas or drink too much fruit juice… while I sat here with m breakfast of chopped up banana, chopped up grapes, with pure orange juice on top, as a fruit salad… maybe I shouldn’t be doing that anymore! lol.

    i would be really interested in recipes 🙂

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