L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick Review!

Hi girlies!!
With the buzz around the Revlon Lip Butters going full on crazy now, I thought it might be nice to compare them to the L’Oreal ‘versions’. Called Rouge Caresse the range is slightly smaller at just 10 shades, and I picked my 3 favourite colours (as they are currently on the 3for2 offer!) and I have to say I was really disappointed with them. I found the colour just sat on top of my lips and looked quite tacky. I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing these out as the colour bled quite easily and just didn’t feel nice on. Now I have seen some other reviews where people have praised these lipsticks and recommended them over the Revlon Lip Butters…but with the risk of sounding like a bitch I think the pictures of the bloggers wearing them show the quality isn’t very good so I don’t completely see what they are seeing! Sorry!! Here are some swatches of the colours I purchased:
Tempting Lilac:


Lovely Rose:
 Nude Ingenue:
Do you see the sort of film on top of the lips I was talking about? The colour is sort of resting on the lips rather than colouring the lips if that makes sense!! I really didn’t enjoy the colours either, I felt they came out quite similar to one another and so I can’t recommend these which is a shame!
If you do decide to purchase them then you can buy them here for £7.99 each (and they are on 3for2 at the moment!)
Let me know what you think!


4 responses to “L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick Review!”

  1. Carlottasbeautyspot says:

    Well actually thats the funny thing, my lips weren’t dry at all…I posted some pictures of the revlon lip butters below and you can see this doesn’t happen with them. I just think these ones weren’t for me…and I have seen this ‘effect’ on alot of the bloggers pictures after reviewing them 🙂

  2. Igor Maric says:

    Your lips look like you never heard of chapstick in your life, that’s why you cannot wear these lipsticks.

  3. Bowtiedbeauty says:

    Great review, it’s a shame about some of the colours but for some reason I’m still tempted to purchase them! :p x


  4. I love my Revlon lip butters and I spotted these in Boots, I swatched a few on the back of my hand and I really liked the colours and I thought the packaging was better than the lip butters but looking at the pics I see what you mean about the colour! Glad I kept my pennies in my purse 🙂 http://jo-beautyandthebooks.blogspot.co.uk/

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