Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review


 Hi girlies!!

I tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation this week and was really impressed. It has been compared to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation or 10 Hour Sleep Foundation which both have a cult following with a lot of beauty bloggers. 
Here is my review:
Overall rating 4/5
Ease of application 5/5
Colour choices 2/5
Lasting finish: 4/5

I actually preferred this to the Bourjois ‘versions’. I feel like the Bourjois foundations are a little ‘grainy’ and I didn’t love the coverage, but the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation was really smooth (it almost felt like a moisturiser when I applied it). It definitely worked at achieving the ‘wake me up’ look. I felt my skin looked more awake and illuminated, yet the coverage was strong and I definitely felt like I had makeup on. Sometimes these ‘illuminating’ or ‘refreshing’ foundations are very light on the skin which isn’t something I (or anyone like me who isn’t blessed with perfect natural skin tone!!) can use on a day to day basis.

Here I am wearing the Wake Me Up Foundation in the lightest shade with Benefit’s Bella Bamba on my cheeks, MUA’s lilac shimmer shadow on my eyes and the L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara. I am also wearing the 17 supreme shine lipstick in Pink Posey which I will be reviewing later!! 
I think it is a great foundation for the evening as it has quite heavy coverage and feels really nice on the skin. The only thing I found that lets it down is the very limited shade selection. I usually wear a light beige foundation colour but had to pick ‘Ivory’ in this foundation and still found it a shade too dark. I imagine very pale ladies wouldn’t be able to find a suitable shade at all! Now Rimmel do tend to add new shades so hopefully they will do that with this foundation because in the right shade it is definitely a contender for best ‘rested’ face foundation!!
What do you think?
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4 responses to “Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review”

  1. michaela soltys says:

    Ahh i was hoping i would see a review on this 🙂 I need a new foundation as was toying with the idea of buying this one, although now you mention the shade selection i may wait a while to see if anymore do come out as im pale as anything haha. But if they do i shall look into buying this one 🙂 xx

  2. Carlottasbeautyspot says:

    I really hope they add some new shades, I was shocked the ivory was too dark for me, I mean I am pretty pale but I have never needed to get the palest shade before!! Hopefully they will see that people are finding the shades too dark and launch some new ones soon 🙂 xx

  3. Bowtiedbeauty says:

    I actually contemplated getting this today! I completely agree about the shades as I couldn’t find one to suit my skin tone, but hopefully they’ll add some more soon and it sounds great in terms of coverage and quality 🙂 x


  4. Holliegalvin says:

    This makes your skin look flawless. Its a shame about the colour choice but this one has seemed to match your skin great! I love smooth easy to apply foundations so this might be my next choice of purchase! h0lliedays.blogspot.com

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