How to get organised: 5 quick things to do in 2017

Happy new year everyone! My number one new years resolution is to get more organised, it’s something I’ve struggled with in the past and I’ve decided to tackle it a few projects at a time. That’s why I have put together this how to get organised in 2017 guide. I really hope it helps you declutter and get motivated for a fantastic year ahead!


 I am one of those people who downloads tonnes of apps, pops them into the folders on my phone and then instantly forgets they are there. It not only eats up all your phones memory but it makes it feel cluttered and disorganised. I use the same rule for my phone as I do for my wardrobe, if it’s not been used in the past 6 months, it’s got to go. Take the time to streamline your folders and move things around, if there are some apps like to-do lists and mindfulness ones that have been gathering virtual dust on your phone, add them to your home screen so you are motivated to use them more, anything else can be thrown out and re-downloaded later if needs be.

Photo Albums

I am the absolute worst for deleting screenshots I don’t need or photos that needed 20 takes to get right, it means I end up with thousands on my phone and computer that are absolutely useless. Again, they slow your devices down, they clutter up your albums and just add no benefit to your life. I take the time to sit down for an hour (or two) and make some folders on my phone and devices before moving things into designated spaces. It means I can be sure I know where photos are when I need them and I end up getting rid of lots of ‘dead’ ones and ones I had forgotten about (like the 27 I took of one mascara wand, that all looked exactly the same….)

Social Media 

This is a tricky one but it’s probably the best one in terms of setting your mood for the year ahead. We all have those people on our feeds who perhaps annoy use from time to time (I know I lose followers whenever I complain about something!) or maybe they don’t make us feel so much envious, as jealous or just a bit crap. I say it’s time to cull them, just be ruthless and cut out anyone who doesn’t motivate you, make you smile or enrich your virtual (and real) life.  If it makes you feel better, as a sort of karmic balance, try and replace every 5 people you unfollow with an account that you find that seems to resonate with you and your 2017 goals, you might find a new favourite!


I think it is so important to have a clear computer/laptop desktop, especially when you use it for working and/or blogging. I like to make some generic folders then start organising my files into them and then honing those down to the right subfolders. If you know you have certain posts lined up for the next few months then go ahead and make the files that will contain the specifics for those posts (photos/notes etc) and that way you won’t just ‘save to desktop’ and end up with 1000 files waiting to be organised like me this year (seriously, send help!)  Setting out your laptop/computer to make sure everything is properly filed away really does make a massive difference to your productivity.


Take a minute to look through your dm’s/whatsapp/texts. Is there that one ‘friend’ who always makes you feel a bit crap about life? That one who only seems to contact you when they want something? It might seem a bit harsh but I always think it’s important to revaluate friendships and relationships in the new year, and if you find that some people just bring a lot of negativity to your life then it may be time to say goodbye. Take a minute to delete peoples old numbers too (please tell me I am not the only one guilty of doing the ‘Katy’s new new number’ instead of just deleting the old one!)

Have you got any ‘how to get organised’ tips or tricks?

I am going to have a ‘2016 – year in review’ post up soon too, if you have one please make sure to link it in the comments!


25 responses to “How to get organised: 5 quick things to do in 2017”

  1. hann182014 says:

    I need to be more organized, especially with my desktop. I got loads of items for xmas i’m putting on my blog. I got quite a loads of pictures, so my desktop is getting to look a bit cluttered x

  2. I am super disorganized but somehow I manage to get through life lol. My desktop needs sorting out!

  3. I recently did a tidy up of my phone, deleting old apps, memos and pictures – it really made me feel more on top of things. My laptop and ‘Pictures’ folder is next – a much more daunting task!

  4. I do need to sort my apps out on my phone, I have loads that I don’t actually use anymore, luckily my computer is ok, I do need to get myself more organised though x

  5. Em says:

    These are great tips and definitely ones I need to take on board, especially when it comes to ‘contacts’ – some people in my phone I probably haven’t spoke to in years and probably won’t do either!


  6. yesssss to all of these! I was laughing because I just deleted a bunch of apps last night. And your so right, its hard but it has to be done when friends are just not making you feel good. Once you cut out that negativity and focus on yourself its AMAZING what you can do. Hustle hard and sending peaceful blogging vibes your way! <3

  7. Anosa says:

    I need to do all of these myself soon. I need to start with my photos and contacts too. Good luck with staying organised in 2017

  8. I really really need to delete a whole lot of contacts – I hate to think how much memory they are taking up and I am never likely to call them again. My motto for 2017 is Prepared so your organisation post has come just at the right time. Thank you!

  9. Liz Mays says:

    My folder organization on my computer is a complete mess right now. I do need to work on that. It takes such a long time to find things I need.

  10. I’ve been getting so organised this year already by clearing out my computer, its therapeutic!

  11. I really need to clear out the apps on my phone as well – I have no idea what I have on there! x

  12. Interesting post. I must admit I am the opposite with apps I only add what I need as my phone can’t handle it. I am the same with photos though and still have loads i need to clear.

  13. Claire says:

    I so need to sort my apps. Great tips to get organised.

  14. annalisanuttall says:

    I really need to sort out my soical media networks and my phone apps. I do need a good clear out. xx

  15. Kira C says:

    I am always trying to get more organised but then I don’t really think about decluttering my phone apps, contacts and my desktop, it’s definitely something I need to do!

  16. Anthea says:

    I need to declutter every part of my life and these tips are a good starting point. Christmas seems to cause utter chaos in my life and I spend all of January slowly unpicking it!

  17. nicol says:

    i need to organise my desktop, like properly organise it rather than creating a folder and just dumping everything in there haha

  18. Is it bad that I rely on apps so many things I think its lazy perhaps so they save me so much time

  19. What apps do you have? I struggle to find good ones to use. Great post! Think it’s important to organise things for the new year, makes you feel like you started a clean slate x

  20. laurahartleyy says:

    I’m trying my best to do all of these things (partly because all my devices have run out of space!) but it’s so difficult and the clutter often just comes back! Great tips though 🙂

  21. Some very good organisation tips, I need to use apps more but hopefully improve my social media

  22. I never thought of using apps… maybe that is the key for keeping me organised in 2017!

  23. Photo albums are my mummy nemesis….she takes far too any photos! Must streamline for 2017 xx Great tips.

  24. Such great tips. I love getting organised.

  25. I hate clutter on my desktop! So if you log in.. my desktop is empty. I dont keep any files or folders! I do need to get my social media organised! too many social media platforms and too less time!

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