Essie Nail Polish Bargains

essie nail polish bargains

I wanted to let you know about the Essie nail polish bargains I picked up for Spring. I alway stick to nudes and pastels but this year I wanted to go for some brighter shades to cheer myself up. I looked in Boots and I saw a few shades I liked from Essie but I couldn’t justify spending £8.99 on each one (!) I had a nose online and saw they had Essie polishes for just £2.99. Now to be fair these are older collection colours but when it comes to nail colours I don’t think it really matters if the colour is ‘last seasons’ (although they do have some permanent collection colours too). I was so over the moon with them and have to say they looked really fresh compared to some of the less than new looking ones on my local Boots counter.

You can pick up your own Essie nail polish bargains on Fragrance Direct website here.

Let me know if you pick any up and what you think of the colours I got!

4 responses to “Essie Nail Polish Bargains”

  1. These really are bargains at £2.99 and such pretty colours too. It seems mad to think that there are trends in nail varnish

  2. Beautiful colours, Essie polishes are so impressive!

  3. I loooove Essie nail polishes, and you’re so right, who cares what season they are! If they are colours you love, you defo should grab em whilst you can!

    Lottie xx

  4. Rachel says:

    Ooog you picked up some really lovely shades and at brilliant prices! Might have to have a little look and see what shades they have! xo

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