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Hi girlies, I have a barry m speedy quick dry nail paint collection with swatches for you today! (longest product name ever?!) I really love Barry M Nail Paints, they are just so beautiful to apply, the shade range is awesome and I really love the formulas. The new barry m speedy quick dry nail paint collection is true to form, the shade range is limited to 9 atm and they are a mixture of pastels with a few brighter shades. I know that Barry M are always releasing new shades to add to their collections so I am sure the range will expand, but for now heres some more details about the 9 you can pick up now!barry m speedy quick dry nail paint collection – shade range:

line 1: Pole Position / A Bright Mint-Green, Kiss Me Quick / A Bubblegum Pink, In A Heart Beat / A Yellow Toned Coral Pink

line 2: Lap Of Honour / A Muted Mauve-Purple, Stop The Clock / A Creamy Yellow Nude, Pit Stop / A Lilac Toned Grey

Line 3: Full Throttle / A Bright Coral, Road Rage / A Cool Toned Mint, Eat My Dust / A Lilac Toned Periwinkle Blue

My top 3 picks from the barry m speedy quick dry nail paint collection would have to be Pit Stop (the lilac toned grey), Eat My Dust (the lilac toned blue) and In A Heart Beat (a yellow toned coral-pink), all three are pretty much unique in my polish collection and are just such beautiful colours, I think they would be the perfect 3 choices if you are looking to invest in a few of these before committing to more!

Application wise I needed three coats of the paler shades for a fully opaque finish and 2 for the rest. Drying time was around a minute for them to be completely touch dry which is fantastic! I have worn a few of the shades now and haven’t had any chipping (5 days) so I’m really impressed!

The barry m speedy quick dry nail paint collection is available now in Superdrug and each polish costs £3.99 (but atm they have a 2 for £7 deal!)

13 responses to “barry m speedy quick dry nail paint collection”

  1. Rosie says:

    I love Barry M’s nail paints and I’m really excited by this range. I’m forever smudging nail paint before it’s dry so I hope this is as good as they say it is. Also, how stunning are the shades? I have no idea which ones I’ll get, I love the orange one though.

    • charlotte says:

      I am exactly the same!!! I always smudge my nails but this dries really fast so it’s perfect for us! xx

  2. Dionne says:

    Wat een schattige pastel kleurtjes!

  3. lyn says:

    Lovely to see some refreshingly different spring and summer shades.. Why can my nail shop not do these. Almost makes it tempting to make a purchase and take my own along.

    • charlotte says:

      oh I know loads of people that take barry m into my nail bar, the colours are just too beautiful! xx

  4. Jen says:

    Such pretty pastel colours and a bargain price too – will have to check these out next time I’m in boots.

  5. Neelam says:

    Ah I love the colours of this collection! I’m glad they’ve introduced something that is fast drying – I hate waiting forever for my nails to dry! Great post 🙂 x

    • charlotte says:

      me too! I always find I suddenly need to do things as soon as my nails are wet (usually I get an itchy nose or something so I just need to scratch!) and then I smudge! xx

  6. Beth says:

    These shades are gorgeous, I’ll definitely be picking a few of them up! xx


  7. Dovile says:

    Oh my gosh such a lovely colours! I love Barry M – my favourite nail polish brand. Always easy to apply, dries quickly and easy to remove


  8. natasha says:

    I only ever use barry m, they are the best and cruelty free!

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