Champneys Distant Shores Shower Mousse


Something that I think can sometimes get forgotten on beauty blogs is your basic body products. I personally go through so many different shower mousses/gels/creams and am forever being tempted by a new scent or new improved formula! I thought today I would share with you my shower mousse staple: the Champneys Distant Shores shower mousse. Firstly I should say that I really love shower mousses, I feel like they stay on the skin better and you feel really clean after using them. For me some shower mousses/gels can just sort of sit on the skin then just shower away without feeling like they’ve done anything! This particular one has passion fruit and mango extracts along with citrus oils, the best way for me to describe it is ‘holiday in a bottle’. It is just the most beautiful fruity, fresh smelling shower mousse totally living up to the ‘distant shores’ name. I love that the smell lingers on the skin too, it just feels like a real pampering product to use! 

I have used two bottles of this and that’s mainly because I like to shower once or twice a day and I do use it quite liberally. Originally I had a mini of it and that lasted about 1 month being used everyday which I think it pretty good going, this is my second big bottle and I know I will repurchase when it runs out! I also have the body cream, body scrub and bubble bath and I love them all just as much. For £8 you get an impressive 200ml bottle which really does last forever. If you haven’t had a chance yet definitely go and have a sniff in Boots and let me know what you think, I love knowing what body products people like using!

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  1. This sounds lovely, I love Passion Fruit and Mango smells so I will definitely have to give this a go! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  2. It’s just heavenly xx

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