I Heart London Signed Book Giveaway :)

Last weekend I travelled all the way to Stratford (well OK 49 minutes) to meet Lindsey Kelk the author of the AMAZING “I heart” series. 
If you haven’t read them they follow Angela Clarke, a writer, who after finding her fiancee cheating on her at their best friends wedding, runs away to New York. You see her tackle her broken heart and make some amazing friends…not too mention meet the hottest fictional man ever!!
I interviewed Lindsey about the “I Heart” a few months ago (the interview link is here!) and she was so lovely taking the time to answer all my emails and my blog followers questions. I have to say she was even nicer in real life (and super tall and gorgeous!)
As a treat I got a signed copy of I Heart London for one of you lucky blog readers to win!!
Simply comment on this post with your worst dating disaster ever! The best ‘worst’ one will win!!
A few conditions:
That’s it!!
Competition ends at midnight on the 30th of this month (June 2012)

2 responses to “I Heart London Signed Book Giveaway :)”

  1. Miranda M says:

    Love Lindsey Kelk’s novels they are just so fluffy and fun! 🙂

    My worst date was during my University days, I’d met the guy a few days before and he seemed like a nice guy, oh how wrong I was. From the moment he turned up (45 minutes late!) he was either high or drunk, and seemed to think that pointing out various types of recycling bin made for exciting conversation. We went for a drink, and he left to go to the bar, he was gone for so long I went to see if I could spot him, but he was at the bar with a girl on his knee? Obviously I left, but the next day I got a text apologising that he’d had to rush off because of an “essay” crisis and asking if I wanted to meet up for some “casual fun”, needless to say I rejected that offer!

    I follow with GFC (teacup kitty) and bloglovin and tweeted about the giveaway 🙂 https://twitter.com/Fawnsmacarons/status/218730445582503937


  2. TattooedTeaLady says:

    A giveaway to win a book?! Girl, I think you are out to steal my heart!! I’ve tweeted this giveaway 🙂 ( https://twitter.com/TattooedTeaLady/status/211959585148383232 )

    Ok so here goes, my worst dating experience…

    When I was 15/16 I used to do a lot of online chatting to guys. And after a few months I decided to meet a guy I had been talking to a lot! So I went into town with my friend (wise enough to know to take someone with me) to meet this guy. We meet in town, walk around a bit then head over to Burger King (classy) where there is literally nothing but silence. After about 10 minutes he says he forgot his wallet at home and is going to get the bus home to get it and will be back in half an hour. Obviously, I knew what was coming next. He never came back! And then never spoke to me again, either!! xo

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