Valentines Day Look inspired by Adele at this years Grammys!!

Hey girlies!!
Happy Valentines Day!! I hope you all have had a fantastic day so far, I have been looking at the pics from the Grammys and am still so in love with Adele’s look.  The girl seriously gives good face!!

I decided to use her as my inspiration and created a romantic look. This is super easy to recreate and I have included some step by step pictures to show you how!!
1. Start off with perfectly cleansed, buffed and moisturised skin. I learnt at the Session School how important it is to make sure skin is well hydrated before beginning the makeup look. They suggested using a face oil so I started using a vitamin e facial oil from Superdrug and have seen a HUGE improvement in my skin tone and the application of makeup…def give one a try if you haven’t already!!
I buffed on Estee Lauder’s Double Wear with my new Real Techniques Stippling Brush (I will be reviewing this fantastic brush and some others I got in another post!!) This foundation is perfect because it is easy to blend and also to layer if you need a little more coverage. On top of this I covered blemishes with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Concealer. Again this has a great creamy consistency and is in my opinion the best concealer on the market.
Next I contoured the cheekbones using Sleeks blusher in sunrise. This is a very brown toned blusher which is almost ‘naked’ on the skin. I applied using an angled contour brush and also applied in 2 strips above the brow (this is something I picked up at the Session School as well!)


I carefully drew a line using Exaggerate Black Eye Liner from Rimmel. It is such a lovely liner because the nib on it has a less harsh feel and you can almost draw the liner on rather than scrape it across the lid (does that make sense? I mean it is smooth to apply and feels nice and easy to get a good straight line!!)
To get the Adele look it is important the liner gets thicker as it goes towards the outer lashes and is very thin at the start to be very slim so as to allow for contouring which we will do later!!
Next I added onto the bottom lower lash line more of the liner but only halfway….as you can see!!
Using a light brown/black shadow (I used one from Sleeks Au Naturel palette) I then finished the line on the lower lashes and blended the black liner for a slightly softer look.
I curled my lashes with Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curlers and then used the new L’oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara (which I previously reviewed here). Adele is clearly wearing inserts but I don’t wear false lashes allot so I wanted to show how you achieve the look without them. I built up 2 layers on the outer lashes to give the thicker ‘fake’ look she has and didn’t add any to the bottom lashes to keep it looking fresh.
I then added a red lipstick (which I got in a glossy box and don’t have any details for sorry!! Any red lippie will work though!!) and using a lip brush I carefully applied before finishing with a red gloss.    
I copied her curls with tongs (I used the Argos basic tongs…seriously they are pretty good and as I don’t curl my hair too much they were bought just for practising with but are pretty good!) and the end result was this:
So there you have it!!! What do you think? I was quite nervous about this look but I think the fact that I look so different looking compared to Adele but can still wear this look shows how it can be adapted for anyone.
Let me know what you think and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!

3 responses to “Valentines Day Look inspired by Adele at this years Grammys!!”

  1. Melita says:

    Her make up was p-e-r-f-e-c-t! And you did a great job too, you look like a doll 🙂

    I’ve accidentally discovered your blog and I’m very glad that I did, love your posts. I’m following you!

  2. Carlottasbeautyspot says:

    thanks hun!! The eyeliner precision came with a LOT of practice now I can do it without thinking about it!! I really like the mascara but it is getting a mixed review from bloggers at the moment xx

  3. I love this look, that mascara is amazing too!
    You make the eyeliner look so easy…. I am notoriously bad at being neat with eyeliner!
    Hope you wore this out and had a brilliant time! xxxxx

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