Staying beautiful on the inside and the outisde…

Hey girlies!!
I was debating whether or not to do this post because it is a bit personal but I figured if I was unsure about the whole thing then other women must be feeling the same way…
So basically about 2 months ago I was taking a shower and felt something a little painful in my right breast. I was sure that I must have knocked myself or it was related to being slightly larger chested but the niggling feeling didn’t go away…and nor did the pain. I am not going to lie, I complete chickened out of doing anything about it and hoped it would just go away. Well sure as anything it started to hurt a bit more frequently and I decided it was time to get it checked out.
I went today to my doctor who was absolutely amazing. I had to have an examination which just involved the doctor feeling for anything out of the ordinary. It was a tiny bit sore but that was because I had something that was actually sore! She determined that there was something there that there shouldn’t be and the outcome is I have to go and have a scan at the hospital to make sure everything there is ok. She mentioned the ‘C’ word…only in the context of what she DIDN’T think it was which was a relief!!
I am going to follow up this post with how the exam goes (I am scheduled to have it about this time next month thanks to NHS waiting times!) but just wanted to do this post to make sure you remember to keep as close an eye on your health (and any changes you feel there) as you do on your hair and makeup!! It is so important to regularly check your breasts no matter what your age or family history. 
I am so glad I did this and even though I am nervous for the scan I now know a. I am not imagining it and b. the doctor who has seen her fair share of the C word is confident I don’t have anything too bad to worry about. In fact she diagnosed me as having Fibrocistic Breast Disease. God that sounds awful! Basically is it a a non cancerous lump or lumps that are painful around your menstural cyle. More details from the nhs website can be found here
For information on how to check yourself properly have a look here
Just a little note, this post wasn’t intended to scare anyone just to inform and let you know that it is worth going to have ANYthing you feel is different, painful or uncomfortable checked out. Thats why your GP is there and they can put your mind at ease!!

6 responses to “Staying beautiful on the inside and the outisde…”

  1. Get well soon hun… Thanks for the informative post.

  2. Excellent post. I have quite small boobs so I never think of checking but I know that’s silly. These things can e embarrassing but they shouldn’t be! Well done you for gettin it checked out. If its not too personal, I hope you’ll let us know the outcome. Good for you raising awareness. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. Carlottasbeautyspot says:

    Thank you hun! I was a bit embarrassed to share at first but I think it’s that attitude that leaves women not going to have themselves checked out! I definately will. The doctor told me to keep it from my mind until then and not worry so I am going to try but I am only human lol xx

  4. Georgie says:

    I admire you for posting something so personal on here, as it is something that could help other women by raising awareness around the importance of checking regularaly for any abnormalities. Good on you and i hope that everything turns out to be ok for you.

    Georgie <3

  5. Louise Hill says:

    I hope everything goes okay, I’m sure it will 🙂
    Thank you for raising the awareness of this on your blog

  6. k_molony says:

    Really hope everything is fine with you hun, had a similar thing a few months ago xx

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