My Cookie Policy

Last updated : 27th May 2018

A “cookie” is a piece of information that is stored on your computer’s hard drive. It records how you navigate around a website (in this case and when you visit and re-visit the website it presents you with tailored options based on the information is has collected on your previous visit(s) Cookies can be used to analyse traffic to the site and also for marketing purposes.

Most standard websites use cookies in this manner, they won’t harm your computer system but you can go in a check or change the type of cookies you wish to accept (this can be done through your browser settings and you can also use block all cookies if you prefer). If you do choose to block all cookies then you may find it difficult to access different parts of this site and others.

I use cookies in order to track how you use the site, this allows me to understand my audience (that’s you!) better and to track any patterns in how you use and navigate my site. I hope by being able to do this I am able to improve the quality of both my actual site (layout, style and speed!) and also the content I provide you to offer you the best user experience.

Cookies are split into two types, Session cookies and Persistent cookies.

Session cookies only stay ‘stored’ on your computer during your actual web session, during this time they track your patterns when using this site as mentioned previously. Once your close the browser and end your session the cookies are automatically deleted. During your session the cookies usually store an anonymous session ID which means you can browse the whole site without the need to login on each page you visit, they don’t collect personal data from your computer/device.

Persistent cookies differ because they are stored on your computer/device and remain so when you close your browser. They can be read by the website that created them when you visit that website again. I use persistent cookies on this site for Google Analytics and my affiliate system (

Cookie Types:

‘Strictly Necessary Cookies’ These are the cookies that cannot be turned off, they enable you to use the website fully and effectively (for example when you are purchasing goods or services) as previously mentioned, if these cookies are blocked then you will not be able to access this site properly or fully. These cookies do not however gather information about you or remember your browser/site history.

‘Performance Cookies’ These are the cookies that help me to monitor and improve the performance of by allowing me to count visitors, traffic sources and to gather information about popular areas and posts on the site.

‘Functionality Cookies’ these are use to remember choices you make when using the site and provide any enhanced features that I think you may like such as providing you with updates and news relevant to everinmay (and you!) They can also be used to help provide the services you use such as when you view a video or comment, these cookies usually collection this information anonymously.

Worth Noting:

Third parties who advertise and analyse web traffic on Ever in May may also use cookies, as these are third party developers I have no control over this and it is likely these cookies are performance cookies.