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My name is Charlotte and Ever In May is my beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog where I share product reviews, city guides, recipes and home inspiration! I’m from London, England but now live in the beautiful city of Canterbury.

Firstly let me say a big thank-you for stopping by, I know there are lots of us bloggers vying for your attention so it does mean the world to me that your here! I (like to think I) am a bit of a creative person and I hope that shines through in my blog.  Photography, travelling, food and of course all things beauty are real passions of mine and I’ve been blogging for around 5 years now and still love every minute of it!

I really hope you enjoy your visit to Ever In May and if you feel like a natter or have any questions then please feel free to pop me an email (charlotte@everinmay.com) or send me a tweet (@everinmay)

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The opinions expressed here are mine and not those of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group. As much as I enjoy beauty, makeup and all things blogging I am by no means an expert and as such you shouldn’t consider my opinion to be a substitute for professional or medical advice.

The content published on Ever In May (including all original imagery) is protected by copyright and any unauthorised copying, reproduction, republishing, duplication or posting of said content is prohibited without seeking (and being given) express permission in writing. To obtain written permission please email me at charlotte@everinmay.com.

Ever In May is entirely curated by myself,  Charlotte Evans, but on occasion I may accept sponsored content which I believe will benefit or be of interest to my readers. I do not accept content written by a third party and all such sponsored posts have been written by myself (however the post subject or products mentioned may have been provided by a third party). Such content is clearly marks as sponsored at the end of the post with a link to this disclaimer policy.

I currently use rstyle.me affiliate links on this blog. This allows me to generate a small income from click throughs and as such posts may contain sponsored links, you are of course under no obligation to click on these links.

I am sometimes lucky enough to be gifted products to trial and review but I am under no obligation to provide positive reviews for free products. I would never provide a false review to obtain freebies and as such not all posts on this blog are positive (sorry about that but it’s better to be honest right?!)

My word, that went on a bit didn’t it?! Now navigate back to the home page and lets talk beauty!

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