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Growing up in the 90’s was such a special experience and I can truly say the Spice Girls were a huge part of that for me. I still remember the first time I saw the Wannabe video, seeing a group of girls who all looked so different from each other but all looked so cool was a real game changer for me. Being a tomboy I often felt out of place, I wasn’t girly at all, I wanted to spend my time playing football not playing Mum’s and Dad’s and I definitely did not want to wear a dress (I had saved up for popper side joggers and reebok classics and nothing was going to stop be showing them off!) seeing Sporty Spice, someone who dressed like me, acted like me AND was still part of the girl gang was a revelation!

To celebrate the new Spice Girls tour and the launch of their new Walkers advert I thought I would share my favourite moment’s growing up as a 90’s spice girls super fan!

You know you were a Spice Girls super fan if:

1. You spent your school lunch breaks putting on Spice Girls concerts for screaming year 3’s (we even gave out autographs!)

2. You didn’t feel ready to face the world (aka the aforementioned school playground) until you had spritzed on your very grown up Impulse limited edition Spice Girls scent.

3. You spent your weekends going to Buffalo in Covent Garden on the off chance Baby Spice was picking up some new platforms (and going home in tears when your Dad didn’t agree with you that 10 year olds should most definitely be allowed to wear gigantic platform shoes)

4. You were adamant you were a specific Spice Girl (sporty) but secretly wished you were a bit more like one of the others (Ginger!)

5. You went to see Spice Girls the movie 10 times (yep:10) and argued with anyone who dared say it was not a master class of acting (still love that film)

6. You sobbed your little heart out when Geri left (and refused to accept it for weeks)

7. You spent hours learning the words to the rap in Wannabe to show off your amazing skills at school (and still feel pretty good about knowing all the words today)

8. You also spent many many hours learning the dance to Stop, dance moves you automatically still bust out whenever you hear it.

9. You felt all the feelings when you heard Mama, actually realising your Mum was pretty awesome (and telling yourself you’d definitely help out more around the house, a.k.a put away your troll dolls and actually pick up your clothes off your inflatable chair and hang them up)

10. You weren’t emotionally ready for Goodbye, at all, you still aren’t, nope, never.

So here’s to the Spice Girls, the group that made a whole generation embrace the beauty of female friendship, who taught us that a Woman’s value isn’t based on a Mans approval and managed to make 6ft platforms look effortlessly cool (can you tell I am still upset about not being allowed them?)

You can check out the brand new advert for Walkers feat the Spice Girls and their biggest fan (well after me of course) below, I am so insanely jealous of the lucky winners who get to go and see the girls in concert!

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