National Smile Month with Janina Ultra White

Janina Ultra White

Hi everyone! I wanted to post a quick review of the Janina Ultra White toothpaste as today is the start of national smile month! I’ve used Janina Ultra White in the past and one of the things I love in particular about these toothpastes is that they don’t irritate my sensitive teeth as they are low abrasive and contain fruit enzymes to help whiten your teeth. I’ve tried bleach strips before and they have really made my teeth feel sensitive so this is a big plus for me! I started using a different brand and didn’t notice that slowly my teeth were losing that whiteness and starting to look…well a bit yellow!

I received the Janina Ultra White Extra Strength toothpaste to trial and having tried the other ones in the range I have to say this is my favourite. With a lot of whitening toothpastes the taste can be a bit bitter and not very fresh. This was truly one of the strongest minty toothpastes I’ve ever use and left my teeth and tongue feeling really clean and fresh all day. I’ve been trialling it for around a month now and my teeth are noticeably whiter, I would say about three shades whiter than before I used it. I’ve also noticed my gums look nice and pink and my mouth just feels fresher, like I’ve been for a cleaning.

I’m a big fan of the range so it’s no surprise I would recommend them if you’re looking for a new whitening toothpaste. They might seem a little pricey but if you compare the cost to professional whitening treatments it’s a total steal, and it’s the first drugstore whitening toothpaste I’ve tried that has genuinely whitened my teeth!  I think I will pick up the peroxide free whitening strips next, would you like a comparison of them and the crest whitening strips? Let me know!

The Janina Ultra White toothpastes cost £11.50 (but are currently on 2 for £15!) and are available in Boots (and online HERE)


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  1. Kiran says:

    This sounds really good! I read a post that showed charcoal is really good at whitening the teeth. I will have to check out this toothpaste though xxx

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