Beauty Haul and a little note for my readers :)

I know I know, I went mad right? I have to say though this is a collective haul of things I have purchased over the past few weeks, still, I realise this is a lot of beauty for one post! I often pick up things when I pop into Boots and Superdrug (by often I mean always!) and sometimes I don’t get the chance to review these things on my blog. I thought I would start showing you pictures of what I am buying and then maybe you could comment on the post letting me know what things you really want to see a more detailed post about? I think it’s another way of us chatting with each other as well because if I am *honest* I am starting to feel a bit sad at the lack of commenting on my blog! 
Since I have started to get more ‘followers’ I have noticed less people comment on my posts, I also noticed sometimes I get emails or tweets and people seem a but nervous to talk to me, I really don’t like that because I am VERY approachable and LOVE to chat beauty or really about whatever you feel like chatting about! I wanted to let you know that because I know sometimes bloggers can be really bitchy or cold and it’s such a let down when you message them, but I promise I am very friendly and I want my blog to be a place you can rely on to put a smile on your face!
So back to the ridiculous amount of products! I don’t know why I have picked up so many nail polishes, some months I just seem to lean towards certain products and this month was nail products! I love all the beaded nails but the caviar beads from MUA were completely sold out in my Superdrug, I carried on searching and came across a nice set from Accessorize for £5 which I thought was a good price. I also picked up some of the gelly shine colours from Barry M. As I type I have the bottle green colour on my nails and I am VERY impressed (expect a rave review soon!). I grabbed a tresemme intensive conditioner because they are on half price offer in Superdrug, I have used this one before and liked the results and that it isn’t too heavy.I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you (plus I took lots of pics as you can see!)
What do you think of my haul?
Are there any products you want to see reviewed in more detail from my haul?
Let me know!

10 responses to “Beauty Haul and a little note for my readers :)”

  1. Hola Bambi says:

    I have a couple of those! Great collection xxx

  2. Lovely haul! I’d love to see the sleek palettes reviewed.
    Sorry to hear the amount of comments is getting less 🙁 It’s nice of you to let people know you’re very approachable. I hope it’ll open people’s eyes! Whatever you do, don’t stop blogging! Love your blog too much or that to happen 🙂


  3. Hey could you do a write up/ show a picture of the 3D nails please. Thank You

  4. the greeny barry m nail varnish is so lovely! 🙂
    i’ll try and comment more! 🙂 xxx

  5. aww thank you! The green looks STUNNING on! I would really recommend it 🙂 xx

  6. I sure can. I can’t promise I will do them as prettily as everyone else has managed though! xx

  7. check back tomorrow, a review should be up then 🙂 xx

  8. thanks so much for your kind words! I will review the palettes this week so check back! xx

  9. I’d love to see how the accesorize nail beads look compared to the MUA ones which ive just reviewed on my blog. The green Barry M shade and Revlon Polish look lovely 🙂 Oh and I’ve been using the Treseme Split End Remedy leave in treatment for a couple of weeks now and sadly havent noticed a difference 🙁 hopefully you will have better luck! Great post! Feel free to check out my blog over at

    Sian xx

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