How I keep my wordpress site secure

When I moved over to self-hosted quite a few people told me one of the biggest problems with running your own site is the risk of hacking. Blogs are often targeted by hackers who use the sites to drive traffic, post spam and generally cause all sorts of havoc! I will be honest and say I didn’t pay it much attention, mainly because I thought my site was way too…


Vichy Idealia Peeling

vichy idealia peeling

So I have been making a real effort to up my skincare game recently (well since turning the dreaded 3-0 to be honest) because I’ve found that as I am getting older, my skin is feeling a lot drier and generally looking a bit dull. On my quest for youthful looking skin I’ve been trialling the new Vichy Idealia Peeling. It falls into the liquid exfoliator/acid toner category and contains 4% Glycolic…


New Home Decor Wishlist

home decor wishlist

I recently moved into a new house and so I put together this home decor wishlist as I have a bit more space to play with here and I really want to have a complete home decor refresh. I really enjoyed putting this together and I hope it’s inspired you if you’re also thinking about home design at the minute!   M&S Dobby Bedding; I have been looking for some…