A Good Nights Sleep in a Bottle


Every now and then a product comes along that just completely changes the game. I’ve tried just about every ‘relaxing’ bath product on the market with varying degrees of success. Some really do seem to leave you feeling relaxed and some, if we are being honest, feel more like you are (quite literally) pouring money down the drain. Olverum is completely different to all of these. For starters you don’t even need to take the beautiful glass bottle out of the box to smell the quality of the essential oils. Once poured into the bath the heavenly scent just completely envelops the room (and if the door is open, the whole house) The smell is just intoxicating, best described as that spa like scent you remember from any blissful massage you’ve experienced.

The product itself leaves your muscles relaxed and your skin feeling soft without being oily and works very well with other bath products (a lot of bath oils can make bubbles disappear) For me this product is my secret weapon when it comes to insomnia, it makes me sleep deeply, undisturbed, all night. I’ve never used anything like it and the cynics in my household now fondly call this the ‘magic sleeping potion’. If you suffer with insomnia or stress then this is one product I would really recommend trying, I am about to place an order for a super sized bottle because I don’t want to run out without a back up ready to go (something I never do!) 

You can purchase Olverum from Olverum.comHarvey Nichols, Liberty, Conran and Fenwick.

125ml / Β£29 (25 baths)

250ml / Β£53 (50 baths)

Travel set / Β£19 (9 baths)

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  • Clarissa

    Sounds amazing, one question does it work on Kids that seem to have all the energy in the world?

    Really need to try some when I move home currently have a shower

    Lovely post


  • John Adams

    Ah! I remember Olverum. One of those rare cases where the marketing guys asked guys like me to write about it too. I rather liked it in abath. Very relaxing indeed.

  • Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes

    Ooh, I think I should try this. I have had a terrible time getting to sleep the last few weeks. “Intoxicating”, sounds wonderful!

  • Jennie

    I have tried this and it does work I find it relaxes me and helps give me a great sleep

  • Kate Williams

    It sounds gorgeous! It’s my birthday soon so maybe I’ll grab that for a treat.

  • Sabiha

    This sounds pefrect and I know what you mean, some products of this nature don’t really do much. I could so do with this right now x

  • Amanda

    This sounds absolutely delightful! I just wish I had a bath now lol. We only have showers in the house now. Makes me miss it so much!

  • Jazmin Williams

    Ooh, this sounds interesting! I’ve been using the LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion to help me nod off, it’s been working really well so far

  • Sarah

    This sounds divine! Luckily I have no trouble sleeping, but I do have trouble de-stressing, so this sounds like it’d be perfect!

  • Cecilia

    First I need to say you got a beautiful blog! I haven’t tried this bath product but it sure looks and sounds like a very good option for night owls like myself. Definitely, something to look into!

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