Fathers Day with Star Wars Identities

Fathers Day with Star Wars Identities

So last week my Dad and I popped up to the O2 for a surprise early fathers day treat. My Dad is a huge Star Wars fan and so when I got the chance to take him to see the Star Wars Identities exhibition at the o2 I jumped at it! The experience is centred around picking your own personalised Star Wars identity throughout the experience on touch screens you activate with your wristbands (which felt very high tech!) and throughout the exhibit there are over 100 original incredible props and costumes from the all of the films.

star wars identitiesstar wars identitiesI don’t want to give too much away about the whole experience because I think it’s something that works really well as a ‘surprise’ and it’s perfect for a Fathers Day treat. One thing I will say is it’s been organised really well and because you pick an actual time to visit you go around the whole exhibit in a small group which meant you don’t feel crowded or like you are rushing through.

Seeing the real costumes and sketches from the films and life sized models of all the characters was really exciting and some of them haven’t ever been shown to the public before which makes the experience really unique We got the boat back into central London and standing in the queue you can see the O2 against a backdrop of the cable cars and all the beautiful boats, it was really lovely way to end a day of quality time with my Dad. If you are looking to do something special for your Dad for fathers day I cannot recommend the Star Wars Identities exhibition enough, my Dad had the best time and growing up watching the films with him meant the whole day felt so special.

star wars identitiesstar wars identities

The Star Wars Identities exhibition is at the O2 until September 3 this year and tickets need to be bought in advance which you can do here!