Autumn TV Favourites

Autumn TV Favourites



There are a lot of different reasons as to why Autumn is my favourite time of year, but number one for me is that it is the start of all my favourite shows coming back after the Spring/Summer break. I actually bought a Smart T.V when I moved which is pretty snazzy (if you’re interested in investing in a new 4K tv then you should check out the Panasonic UHD 4K TV). It seemed like a good investment as I am quite a homebody and I do like to watch a lot of different TV, especially on Netflix and Amazon Prime. As the nights draw in I love to put on my snuggliest PJ’s, grab a humongous hot chocolate and settle down to catch up with my autumn tv favourites!


I do have quite eclectic taste when it comes to T.V, I love everything from Aquarius to Good Witch, but the one thing I have been looking forward to over everything else is Once Upon A Time. It’s one of those shows that everyone in my family loves and it’s nice that my Mum and I can actually agree on one man that she’d be ok with me marrying (Hook, f.y.i) It’s on Netflix which is one of the reasons why I invested in a smart tv as it means I can watch Netflix and Amazon without having to faff about with a hdmi wire (which btw my Mum tripped over and ended up with a broken wrist – only in our family!)


If you haven’t got yourself a Netflix account yet, you can set one up here, they usually have new customer deals there too. I also really love Amazon prime for films (here’s the link), they tend to rotate the films included in the prime membership which does mean you get a bit more choice than on the U.K Netflix.

I’d love to know what shows are your autumn tv favourites, oh and please tell me I am not the only one kinda sad TVD is coming to an end (but kinda relieved too as it wasn’t the same without Elena…)

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