US / Sephora Haul!

US / Sephora Haul!

Hi everyone and welcome to another haul post, this time a Sephora Haul!! I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping recently as I am trying to ‘revamp’ my beauty and fashion collections after getting a bit stuck in an overall style rut. Does that happen to you too? I think for me the brighter weather makes me want to blow away the cobwebs and start afresh (and it does seem like Winter lasted about a year here in the U.K!)

Now this Sephora haul is coming at you a little bit late, a few months ago my Mum and Dad went to New York and very kindly agreed to pick up some bits from my Sephora shopping list. I obviously paid for these things myself* but they did contribute a few little surprises which was so sweet of them! I got a fair few things including some Make Up Forever HD, KAT VON D and Tarte bits.

Let me know if anything from the pic takes your fancy in terms of seeing a full review, I’ve obviously been using these products for a few months now so have formed an opinion (or 5!) but so far I’ve only found a couple of duds!


*A little disclaimer about hauls. I tend to work on a one in one out policy when it comes to makeup and fashion bits. I like to sell my old clothes/shoes etc and makeup in blog sales and on ebay to pay for new things as I’m not a millionaire. I also think it makes you appreciate what you have if you don’t just spend spend spend! Let me know if a saving money sort of post is of interest!