Organix Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo and Conditioner

Organix Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo and Conditioner
So I have to admit something, I’ve always been quite lucky with the condition of my hair, that was until an ill-advised (and very short-lived!) dalliance with a bottle of bleach! As you can imagine, it went terribly wrong, bits of hair snapped off, a few tears were shed and my hair hasn’t really bounced back (pardon the pun) The lovely people at Organix asked me if I’d like to try out a few products from their newer launches and I of course said yes! I asked for something that was seriously hydrating and they sent me the Tea Tree and Mint range which I quickly fell in love with.
If you’ve ever smelt the White Company ‘wild mint’ candle then this smells exactly like that, so fresh and beautiful! I was a bit dubious of the consistency of the shampoo which I have to say looked a little green and gooey(!) but I found it lathered up really well and left my head feeling all tingly and fresh. I thought the conditioner was going to be far to light for my parched locks but I found my de-tangling comb just glided through my hair which was a big surprise! When I washed it out I knew instantly my hair was going to be soft (am I the only person who can tell out the showering out stage with a conditioner?!) I wasn’t wrong, my hair was soft and bouncy and for the first time in weeks it’s started to behave itself!
If you are someone who has fine hair but find it gets dry then this could be perfect for you, it gives that shot of hydration without weighing your hair down. I would say though if you have coarse/dry hair this one is probably not for you- my Dad stole it and said it made his hair feel a bit unmanageable!
I’ve been using this in conjunction with another shampoo and conditioner which I reach for more in the evenings- would you like to see a post on that one too? Let me know!
The Organix range is available here.


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