My Liberty Wishlist- Christmas Edition

I thought I would share with you my Liberty lust list! As soon as Christmas comes around I love to check out all the latest giftsets, it’s one of the best things about this time of year! Liberty is one of my favourite stores, I have memories of going there when I was a very little (and budding mega!) shopper, for me Liberty and Selfridges just ARE Christmas. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am having grown up in London, when I was with my friend Louise last week in Selfridges she mentioned she had never been there before, I felt so bad for not taking her all around, it genuinely didn’t occur to me that someone might not have been there before, how terrible is that?! Onto more exciting things though, lets take a look at the gorgeous gifts I have my eye on from Liberty!

1. PENHALIGON’S Ladies Miniature Fragrance Collection £35

I love this miniature set of fragrances, I am really fussy when it comes to new scents so a set like this is perfect for trying out different ones before buying a full sized one. They are also completely gorgeous and definitely a perfect set for the dressing table!
2. NARS trio in ‘High Society’ £33
A trio that I think will work well comes S/S too with the pastel lilac and the moss green complimenting each other perfectly. I would use the dark purple on the lower lash line and smudged all over the lid for festive smokey eye too, perfect for new years eve!!
3. Liberty Grey Tree of Life Print Silk Scarf £135
When I think of Liberty I think of ‘Liberty Prints’. My Mum used to take me into Liberty and spend hours looking through the rugs and homeware, I would literally be crying to leave…and now I spend hours doing the same thing, funny how things change right? Well I picked this particular print because I love the ‘tree of life’ motif. It is so beautiful and something I can imagine passing down as an heirloom!
4. EVE LOM Perfect Partner Collection £75
The original (and in my opinion best) cleanser and muslin cloth set. This one also comes with an express cleanser which is for daily use too. A lovely set if you haven’t tried the cleanser before I would highly recommend it, and this is such good value.
5. Laura Mercier Signature Colour Trend Artist Palette £75
What I loved about this set was that Laura herself chose the contents of one half (all her favourites) and the other half is left empty for you to add your own favourites to. Such a clever idea and such a beautiful palette with 4 professional brushes and a lovely travel case holder. This is exclusive to Liberty too which makes it quite rare too which I love, it’s like having something specially designed for you.
6. Liberty London Superior Crackers £45
I had to include something a bit kitsch as it is Christmas! These crackers some in 3 different styles and I picked the London ones for obvious reasons! I also love the Liberty Prints set, I know £45 is a bit pricey but for a one of these are pretty special!
7. Royal Doulton White New Country Roses Vintage Tea Set £110
We all had the little plastic tea sets as kids and had our imaginary friends or dolls round for high tea, well I know I am now a grown up but the thought of having my own real tea set just reminds me of being a kid again! This one is definitely a lot more expensive than the plastic one I had, but it doesn’t get much better than Royal Doulton and this is another heirloom in the making!
8. Peridot Jordy Heart Birthstone Ring £245
I mentioned before how much I have got into rings but I usually just wear costume jewellery, this ring is the perfect starting point for a real gold ring, the delicate gold heart mixed with your individual birthstone is something I haven’t ever seen before, I think it is girly but still ‘grown up’ enough too.
9. DIPTYQUE Christmas Mini Candle Collection £60

3 Diptyque candles for £60 is a bargain in anyone’s book. OK these are mini’s but together they create a beautiful Christmas scent. A great way to try out Diptyque candles or a lovely set to get for your Mum, something I am sure my mum would love as she is a bit of a candle obsessive!

So that’s my lovely wishlist from Liberty. I love that there are some ‘exclusives’ that you can only get from them, it makes it feel a bit more special when you get something if you know it is limited edition or you can only get it in one place. I also love the idea of spending a little more on ‘heirloom’ gifts. I don’t have lots of things that I would say are expensive but one thing I do have is a big ‘alice through the looking glass’ french antique mirror. It was a present from my Dad for when we moved house and was intended to be an heirloom for my little girl one day (I doubt a son would appreciate it!) I have to say it is my pride and joy and it really is amazing to have something so special to pass down to future generations. I really feel like Liberty has that quality to them, a sort of ‘every generation’ feel.
I would love to know what your favourite things are from Liberty, if your looking for some special gifts for Christmas then I would really recommend having a look on their website. I found all the things I listed under their ‘gifts for her’ and ‘luxury gifts’ section, the website is super easy to navigate! I also have a little special something for you. At the moment they are offering a £30 off discount code with orders over £150, you also get free delivery. I know £150 sounds a bit expensive but even in Boots all those little bits add up, I like to think of it as ‘spend £150 on your loved ones and get a Diptyque candle for just £8’ 😉
Just enter the giftcode ‘CHRISTMAS2012‘ at the checkout!
Let me know what you think about heirlooms and sentimental gifts and don’t forget to enter my 500 Follower Giveaway to win the CIATE Caviar Mini Bar Set!

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